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ЯR | The Urantia Book Paper Paper 120 The Bestowal of Michael on Urantia* [TIME-SPACE-IMAGE-SHADOW: Genesis + Genes] | ЯR (371.7) 33:6.5 Salvington Broadcasts - witscience.org/first-scientific-proof-god-found/ Ezekiel 36:22 Therefore say to the house of Israel, Thus says The LORD GOD, It is not for your sake, O house of Israel, that I AM about to act, but for My Holy Name, which you have profaned among the nations where you went. https://youtube/watch?v=B8mK5q5L38A | (1329.2) 120:3.1 Said Immanuel: “And now, my brother, in taking leave of you as you prepare to depart for Urantia (1330.5) 120:3.10 “May your Father and my Father, who has ever sustained us in all past performances, guide and sustain you and be with you from the moment you leave us and achieve the surrender of your consciousness of personality, throughout your gradual return to recognition of your divine identity incarnate in human form, and then on through the whole of your bestowal experience on Urantia until your deliverance from the flesh and your ascension to our Father’s Right Hand of Sovereignty. https://youtube/watch?v=X_1zguZTyns Ezekiel 36:23 World English Bible I will sanctify [vindicate] my Great Name, which has been profaned among the nations, which you have profaned in the midst of them; and the nations will know that I AM Yahweh [YHWH], says The LORD YHWH, when I will be sanctified in you before their eyes. urantia.org/urantia-book-standardized/paper-120-bestowal-michael-urantia (110.4) 10:2.6 The Universal Father [YHWH:The YyaH, Al-YyaH {ALLAH, Al-Hayy الحي }, God the Father, The Living GOD of IsRaEL], the Eternal Son [God the Son = Christ Michael = Christ Jesus], and the Infinite Spirit [God the Spirit = Immanuel = HMD] are Unique persons; none is a duplicate; each is Original; all are United. (108.2) 10:0.2 The Paradise Trinity is Deity unity, and this unity rests eternally upon the absolute foundations of the divine Oneness of the Three Original and co-ordinate and coexistent personalities, God the Father [YHWH: The GOD of Gods], God the Son [Arabic ISA Al-Masih = Jesus The Christ], and God the Spirit [Arabic HMD = Muhammad]. 1 John 5:7 King James Bible | For there are Three that bear record in Heaven, The Father, The Word, and The Holy Ghost: and these Three are One. 8 And there are Three that bear witness in earth, The Spirit, and The Water [The Father], and The Blood [The Son]: and these Three agree in One. John 8:54 New Living Translation | Jesus answered, If I want glory for Myself, it doesnt count. But it is My Father who will glorify Me. You say, He is Our GOD, (111.1) 10:3.3 The Divine Sons [Christ Michael {Jesus, God the Son}, and Immanuel {Muhammad, God the Spirit}] are indeed the “Word of God,” but the children of the Spirit are truly the “Act of God.” GOD speaks through the Son and, with the Son, acts through the Infinite Spirit, while in all universe activities the Son and the Spirit are exquisitely fraternal, working as Two Equal Brothers with admiration and love for an Honored and Divinely Respected common Father. (112.5) 10:4.2 Eternal Deity is perfectly unified; nevertheless there are Three perfectly individualized persons of Deity. (112.6) 10:4.3 The Trinity is an association of infinite persons functioning in a nonpersonal capacity but not in contravention of personality. (112.8) 10:4.5 Ever remember that what the Infinite Spirit does is the function of the Conjoint Actor. Both the Father and the Son are functioning in and through and as Him. Three as One and in One, and One as Two and acting for Two. (112.4) 10:4.1 Of all absolute associations, the Paradise Trinity (the first triunity) is unique as an exclusive association of personal Deity. God functions as God only in relation to God and to those who can know God, but as absolute Deity only in the Paradise Trinity and in relation to universe totality. urantia.org/urantia-book-standardized/paper-10-paradise-trinity (114.2) 10:6.1 All law takes origin in the First Source and Center; He is Law. The administration of spiritual law inheres in the Second Source and Center. The revelation of law, the promulgation and interpretation of the divine statutes, is the function of the Third Source and Center. The application of law, justice, falls within the province of the Paradise Trinity and is carried out by certain Sons of the Trinity. christiantimelines/Tetragrammaton.htm (115.3) 10:7.1 The First, Second, and Third Persons of Deity are Equal to each other, and they are ONE. “The LORD our GOD is ONE God.” There is perfection of purpose and Oneness of execution in the divine Trinity of eternal Deities. The Father, the Son, and the Conjoint Actor are truly and divinely ONE. Of a Truth it is written: “I AM the first, and I AM the last, and beside me there is no God.” (112.7) 10:4.4 The Paradise Trinity is Real. It exists as the Deity union of Father, Son, and Spirit; yet the Father, the Son, or the Spirit, or any two of them, can function in relation to this selfsame Paradise Trinity. The Father, Son, and Spirit can collaborate in a non-Trinity manner, but not as three Deities. As persons they can collaborate as they choose, but that is not the Trinity. (93.8) 8:3.6 The Infinite Spirit is a complete, exclusive, and universal revelation of the Universal Father and his Eternal Son. All knowledge of the Father-Son partnership must be had through the Infinite Spirit, the conjoint representative of the divine thought-word union. (93.9) 8:3.7 The Eternal Son is the only avenue of approach to the Universal Father, and the Infinite Spirit is the only means of attaining the Eternal Son. Only by the patient ministry of the Spirit are the ascendant beings of time able to discover the Son. (94.1) 8:3.8 At the center of all things the Infinite Spirit is the first of the Paradise Deities to be attained by the ascending pilgrims. The Third Person enshrouds the Second and the First Persons and therefore must always be first recognized by all who are candidates for presentation to the Son and his Father. (96.8) 8:6.6 In the administration of universes the Father, Son, and Spirit are perfectly and eternally interassociated. Though each is engaged in a personal ministry to all creation, all Three are divinely and absolutely interlocked in a service of creation and control which forever makes them One. (97.1) 8:6.7 In the person of the Infinite Spirit the Father and the Son are mutually present, always and in unqualified perfection, for the Spirit is like the Father and like the Son, and also like the Father and the Son as they Two are forever One. ЯR | (371.7) 33:6.5 Salvington Broadcasts - witscience.org/first-scientific-proof-god-found/ | The Language in the “Junk DNA”, the DNA that scientists had for years discarded as useless, was indistinguishable from Ancient ARAMAIC. Even more amazingly, as linguists started to translate the code within the human genome, they found that parts of the script it contained were at times remarkably close in composition to verse found in the bible. And at times contained direct biblical quotes.| Numbers 6:25 May YHWH make His Face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you. | ЯR The Universal Father: The GOD of Gods, The LORD of Harvest [YHWH:The YyaH, Al-YyaH {ALLAH, Al-Hayy الحي }, The Living GOD of Israel] GOD’s Law and the Father’s Will (117.1) 10:8.9 Only infinity can disclose the Father-Infinite. https://youtube/watch?v=Ck__L-znCfE (117.2) 10:8.10 [Sponsored by a Universal Censor acting by authority from the Ancients of Days resident on Uversa.]
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