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ღღ тαℓαѕн є ωαƒα ღღ Madhubala ek isaq ek junoon 9th July - WU.. Part 1 Madhu holds RKs arm n tells RK she dinno that he will become such an important part...no that he will become her life! Rishbala eyelock. Madhu tells RK that lot has happened between them but in life not even for a moment.. does sheregret that onenight.. She says..she thanks God for thatNIGHT! [Studio night] n changed all..! She says.. when she fell in love..she wanted to spend most ofher time with him ..butnow she wants to spend all her time with him! She rests her hand on his chest.. but RK moves away..! Madhu starts singing - Lag jagale..! She grips RKs hand buthe removes..his hand..Madhu back hugs RK.. but he removes her hand! Madhu keeps trying to hold RK and grips his face n he wipes hertears.. and she hugs him..n he hugs her back! Madhu closes her eyes contentedly..! Radha asks Dips her condition .. Dips says .she is tired of living a life of contempt ever since Madhu came.. n she is tired! Radha says.. her deeds are such! Dips says.. she better not say.. anything coz she is in control of the game! She tells Radha to treat Madhu as badly as she treats Dips ..so that Madhu realises.. how it feels when anyone treats them as dogs! Radha asks when she did that? Dips says.. not to interrupt n says.. stop being saas = maa and become.. hunter wali saas..! Radharues that she was wrong not to let Madhu kick her out ..! Dips says.. talk of NOW and TOMORROW..! She says.. pic doesnt matter to her. but what if she puts the pic infront of RK and the world? Radha says..she will lose. .n Dips says yes.. her name ..her hubbys reputation..! Radha agrees to fulfilDips wishes! Radha asks for pic but Dips refuses n Radha says.. then she wont agree to this condition! She says..wanna show to RK ..show it.. he will go nuts and breakdown and everyone knows what RK does in such situations..they all will have to bear the consequences..!Dips is left speechless..! She turns n finds Sultan standing overhearing them..! Sultan glares at them! RK is walking down the stairswithMadhu arms in arms! It rains n Madhu rushes inside while RK enjoys the rain! RK says..this is so romantic .. njoying it! Madhu says..he willfall sick.. n RK says joinme.. she refuses! Madhu gets umbrella for RK and RK pushes it away..! RK says...first rain ..after marriage n Madhu says. RK n RK says. .bolo meri nargis! Part 2 RK asks.. will she cry? He says. .wish there was a bike..so he could take her forlong drive on the bike..! Madhu warns.. him n RKcloses in on Madhu..holds theumbrella handle both their hands touching...and Rishbalaeyelock..! RK says if he is drenched she cant be dry! RK says..shecan hug him..! He says.. yeh ishq nahi asan. .itna samajh lijiye.. barish ka bahana hai. aur bheeg ke jana hai..! Madhu screams RK..! Madhu runs..! Part 3 Sultan walks inside..and glares at the duo! Dips asks him what he is doing here? Radha is nervous seeing him!Sultan keeps glaring..! Dips calls Sikky n servants Sikky comes and is stunned seeing Sultan! Sultan says.. he din come to meet anyone. but only to take his mom nishani..his moms kangan! Dips fumes that she was having interesting convo with Radha n bodybuilder came in between! Sultan looks around n Dips calls out to him...! She says.. she knows Meeras place in Sultans life n can understandhis pain ..! Dips asks him to look around.. if he wants n that RK is not around ..! Dips says no light.. so how will he search ..wait till light come! She goes to get juice! Sikky asks her what is she doing? Sikky sees the pic in Dips arms n she hides from him .. n in this.. thepic falls on the floor n Sultan looksat it! Radha is shocked! Screen freezes on Sultan! Precap -- RK - Madhu are in the carand are stuck at a traffic jam..! RK asks for paper ..and Bittu buys a paper..! RK takes the paper from Bittu and sees that it has RK n MK-Meera pic..! Headline.. Superstar RK Mohan Kundra ki Najayaz Aulad ..! RK is shocked..
Posted on: Tue, 09 Jul 2013 19:03:51 +0000

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