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ღ ☼♥¸.•´GENTLE.•´AFFECTIONATE.•´DELICATE.•´BROOKEღ ☼♥¸.•´¸.•*´¨ NEEDS A NEW BFF.... STARVED FOR FOOD, LOVE & AFFECTION...THIS REGAL BEAUTY NEEDS A HERO. WONT YOU BE HERS??? Brooke glows with the kind of regal beauty you often see in slightly older dogs, her wise face and underweight body speak to some tough years already lived and her hopeful, pleading eyes hint at the good times yet to come...if only someone would take her home. Shes easy-going and well-behaved and our stroll through the park meanders on undisturbed by cheeky squirrels and the presence of several other dogs, though she does pull slightly to be closer to her new friends and her tail wags happily whenever theyre nearby. As youd expect from her emaciated condition, Brooke just loves food and we could do the sit-treat-repeat dance all day as she gently nibbles snacks from my fingers with a nice soft mouth. Petting and snuggles are appreciated but Brookes not one to seek them out and I have to laugh when I see the long-suffering look on her face in one of our cuddle pictures - a girl likes to be hugged but this posing business is just too much! With her pretty markings, sweet demeanor and ladylike good manners, Brooke has it all going on but theres still one very important thing missing: this sweet middle-aged gal needs a human BFF to love and cherish her for the second (and best!) half of her life. Come in to our Manhattan Care Center, ask to meet this gentle and affectionate beauty and soon Brookes unconditional love and loyalty could be yours for keeps! Another Volunteer Wrote: Were totally besotted by this gentle soul, who showers the world with her love and playfulness with such delicacy and tenderness it makes our hearts hurt. Clearly Brooke has had a difficult run of it--were guessing thats why the shelter thinks she is 6; although she seems much younger in action, she is very skinny and her nails are long, and she has probably had a life that can age even the great beauty that she is. But nothing has dimmed her spirit. She is a princess on a leash, appears house trained, adores humans, loves to play with other dogs, and is absolutely serene no matter the madness around her. If you need anything else to make you run to adopt her in record speed, know that she stands by the gate to the yard wagging her tail at everyone who passes, reaching her paw out as if it might draw that person in to rescue her. People, what are you waiting for? This is a dream dog waiting for her dream life, which will require nothing more than the heart-room to love her. She makes it so easy! Please help us save Brooke before noon tomorrow. https://facebook/Urgentdeathrowdogs/photos/a.611290788883804.1073741851.152876678058553/902680256411521/?type=3&theater
Posted on: Thu, 13 Nov 2014 00:50:18 +0000

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