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{-; ** PR~i~US: A Trip to the Sizzler ** ;-} ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Based on both his background and his conduct in office, I believe that Barack Obama is determined to destroy the Constitution, to establish himself as a dictator, and to implement Sharia law in the United States. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. {Edmund Burke} Those who value our American way of life must stand~up and be heard !! To fulfill my attorneys oath to defend and protect the Constitution, I am doing something about Obamas lawlessness and purposeful destruction of America. Take a few minutes to check~out “PR~i~US: A Trip to the Sizzler”, one of my most compelling Obama protest/parody music videos: https://youtube/watch?v=j4uZx4ON9ZM Set to my cover version of Twisted Sisters Were Not Gonna Take It, PR~i~US is a six~minute roller coaster ride of raucous and rebellious reverie !! ;-} So buckle~up !! Crank your speakers all the way up to 11 !! ... And get ready to rock this republic, baby !! !! !! ;-} ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Im an attorney in independent practice in West Chester, Ohio. I advocate for God, country, and freedom by producing unique and astounding protest/parody music videos that are posted on my YouTube channel and that are featured on my Facebook community page, The Art of Advocacy. I invite and welcome friend requests from like~minded patriots who are interested in saving our beloved country !! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Many thanks, Bob Robert Wyn Young, Esq. rwylaw25
Posted on: Sat, 24 Jan 2015 13:50:04 +0000

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