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*- ima say this straight up nooooooobody understands what I have dealt with Orlando Guerrero u think u cant fall In love on fb lol well u can it was probly the greatest thing ever do I regret it no/yes no because no matter what he is my bestfriend and I wouldnt trade him for the world and yes because Orlando has broke my heart so many times through out these years no body would understand that, no body understands I was by his side not physically but mentally with opened mind and love and I was always 2nd place or not worthy enough I was never appricated I have seen and spoke to Orlando when he was at his lowest points I was always there bad and good when he was getting hurt but where tf was he haaaa I aint even gonna say where I have a big heart ! And I know he does but I was never in that shit he faked it and he wont admit it and honestly Iam tired of sticking around to somebody that only wants something to do with me when things go wrong with him be his second chance getting called at night askin me for another chance lol Iam not a toy u have met your perfect match Orlando what she has put you through u have done it to me I would never wish that pain on my most hated but it Is what it is I Stayed strong for years Im done delete it if I u want all I know is your not exactly who people think u are . I respect your mom and you aunt so much but I lost so much respect for you Im just do so tired of how u treat people u must loooooove the negativity u have a green goblin on your back and I hope it stays so u learn I will forever love u and keep the good memorys alive but other then that u have turned me officially cold *-
Posted on: Mon, 11 Nov 2013 10:14:21 +0000

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