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A CALL FOR FOR REVOLUTION IN NIGERIA FOR EQUALITY IN WEALTH DISTRIBUTION AS SWISS CITIZEN. Can you believe this, Solutions To Poverty Organization had been preaching the same tactic for over five years regarding how to rapidly solve poverty in Nigeria and bring security to the nation. If UN is serious about eradication of poverty by 2030 worldwide they need to step up and do the unthinkable by enforcing the UNCAC to recovered all looted fund and returned back to the rightful nation. Here in Alaska, USA the resident are given a check from the oil drill in that state. What do we get in Nigeria –Political looters. Now the world secret bank for looters is about to offer the same solutions to it citizens. If you are a Nigerian and still supporting and applauding these looters your generation inheritance is at stake. Yes Nigeria can afford to implement this program without any recourse for the next 10 -15 years in order to bring stability to the nation. With this payment it will boom and improve the economic of the nation. Human manpower will increase due to independent and access to basic human essentials food, People will live longer and education will be affordable. Longevity will increase, standard of living will increase and improvement to infrastructure will increase. I think Nigeria population is overstated and required a data collection to verify and monitor the accuracy of the people through fingerprint attached to each individual profile. With data Nigeria can solve it internal economic and social problems. As the Founder of Solutions To Poverty our mission is to bring stability and equality to Africa Continent and the World on how to solve poverty in the 21st century. PER YEAR 12 MONTHLY ALLOWANCE $2800 YEARLY ALLOWANCE 33600.00 NAIRA CONVERSION 150 NAIRA YEARLY ALLOWANCE N5,040,000 Each Swiss Citizen will receive N5,040,000 per year is this not enough to resolve your financial needs. Misappropriation of fund including duplication of services within the NGO and Foundation had made it impossible to resolve the problem facing Africa poverty. A new direction is the only solutions in order to make the changes needed before the population grew. Let us do the math on how much each Swiss citizen will get:- Meaning N5,040,000 Millions per year per each Swiss citizens under poverty level. I had narrated it several times that Nigeria can afford it. Imagine $Billions of dollars spend on purchasing private aircraft is enough to feed and support the nation for years. Let us come together and make this a reality it is possible. Why should someone paid N100Millions for a casket to be buried six feet below while people live above six feet are suffering. This is insane and waste of money. A call for REVOLUTION NOW UNDER DEMOCRACY. USA just introduce universal health care and food allowance for the needy. Where is our morals and civil rights obligation to the masses? We have to freedom and human rights does not come to those who wait but you have to fight for it. Written by Founder of Solutions To Poverty Organization..
Posted on: Sun, 06 Oct 2013 19:41:25 +0000

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