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1-I am a ftm of a 4 week old and who is breast fed and just wondering how often during a feed you normally burp your baby. TIA 2-Just wondering if any parents have any tips on how to get my 7 month daughter to sleep all night?.. Everyones elses babies are sleeping the night and they are all younger! 3-We have been invited to a wedding and have been told its up to us whether we bring the baby or not. My husband thinks we should leave him with my parents and enjoy a night out on our own, which is a lovely idea but just the thought of leaving my baby with someone else brings me to tears. At what age did other parents leave their bubba with someone else? How did you cope with the separation? Thanks in advance! 4-Hi, I am wanting to please hear peoples experiences with the medela supplemental nursing system or supply line? My baby is almost 5 months, she was 6 weeks prem and breastfeeding has always been a challenge. I dont have a fast flow and I also dont have a huge supply towards later in the afternoon and evening which frustrates bub greatly. She was put straight on a bottle in the scn and has always enjoyed the fast flow of the bottle. I saw 2 different lcs a number of times not so recently though and when I bought up the supply line with one she dismissed it for me, said we would have all sorts of problems with it and so we persisted and topped up with bottles, over the last week though my baby has now started to fuss on the bottle and struggle with it and seems she prefers the breast but my supply just isnt enough or fast enough and she gets frustrated with that also. I pump regularly take motillium and have tried fenugreek and lactation cookies i also at one point used a nipple shield on the advice of one of the lcs nothing has helped so as soon as I put bub on and the milk slows down she gets frustrated so I am thinking a supply line may help but the lc said it wouldnt help (i dont know if that is just her being biased against them though). So please if you can share your experiences with them. Thanks 5-Interested in knowing other 8 week babies sleeping routines. Atm my bubs nighttime routine is 6-6:30pm bath, bottle & bed 10pm nappy & bottle 3am nappy & bottle 6-7am wake up, nappy & bottle. I have always let him sleep when he wants during the day but want a routine. He usually sleeps again about 10am then on & off through out the day. 6-Hi everyone :) I have 19 days left of pregnancy.... And tips on how to make this time go quickly or anything I should do before my two bubbas get here?? Thanks :) 7- Any twin mums have any advice on being a mum to two newborns, Im starting to feel very apprehensive about when ill get any sleep and how ill survive with my two toddlers aswell!! Thanks so much :) 8- I have four children, did anyone else feel that wasnt enough for them? The only thing thats stopping me having more is money. How can you survive with more than four children on one income, is it possible? Thanks :)
Posted on: Sun, 13 Oct 2013 21:10:09 +0000

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