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1 Month EDC review of JRs Survival&Bushcraft Knives and Gear. Neckr. I have used this knife just about every day for going on a month now, so far it holds a very nice edge, Ive batond with this knife, made numerous feather sticks, Ive used it for food prep, etc... It has a very nice acid bath finish on it, I neglected to clean the knife after cutting up a load of apples and cutting out some tree limbs in my hunting area, to clear up my shooting lane, and it developed a good patina from the acid from the trees and apples, it has never rusted. The heat treatment on this knife is what I would call professionally done, Ive only had to sharpen it very little and even then it didnt really need it, he makes his knives by hand filing the profile, grinds and even the scales. The knife has performed very well for me in the tasks that I have needed it for, and even for a little more than what the knife was intended to be used for. I dont baby my knives, however I do not try to purposely destroy them, a knife should be used for what it was made and intended for, in my honest opinion, so I usually carry 2 or 3 knives on me for different tasks, although I want to see honest reviews of knives, I dont like watching reviews where a person has obviously never used the knife and it is still in mint, untouched condition or all they have done with it is sliced paper here and there, if I click on a video for a knife review and the knife looks like it is brand new, I turn it off and find one where the person giving the review has actually used the knife and you can tell by the looks of it, with that being said, I give this Custom Handmade Knife a 5 out of 5 star, rating, a must have, I highly recommend his knives, a true high value knife, made for the working man.
Posted on: Sat, 26 Oct 2013 06:13:24 +0000

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