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1: Name? Kirito/Grayson/Will/Austin/Justin 2: Favourite colour? Blue 3: Favourite band/artist? I like them all. 4: Thing you are most insecure about? I most honestly have no clue, lol. 5: List 3 fears? Snakes, and only snakes. Everything else I can kill. 6: Favourite book? Found - by Margret Peterson 7: Favourite TV series? Attack on Titan 8. Favourite film? I dont know... 8. Fandoms you are part of? Fandom? what is that...? 9. How long do you spend on tumblr a day? about an hour on my real life one. 10. Do you cry a lot? Not really. 11. Last person you hugged? Girfriend/Mom 12. Met anyone famous? Eminem, Syndicate, TmarTn. 13. Favourite childhood memory? Free Realms 14. Are you worried about the future? No, Im excited for it. 15. What is/was your favourite subject at school? Gym 16. Can you describe yourself in three words? Fun, loud, talkative. 17. How many people do you trust completely? About 150 of my friends out of the others. 18. Most embarrassing thing you have ever done? Ive fallen down the stares once in school, funny/embarrassing. (Mostly funny) 19. Would you consider yourself popular? I dont know. Ive been told Im likeable, does that count? Lol? 20. Favourite song? Here -> https://youtube/watch?v=RIdL7sbNnx4 21. Someone you obsess over on the INTERNET? @SyndicateProject 22. Nicest or worst thing that’s happened to you today? Nicest: Ive been completed/won a dodge ball contest during my schools pep rally. Worst: I failed a quiz..? 23. Do you like parties/social events? Yes!! 24. Are you insecure about your weight/height? Nope, I love the way I look. 25. What is your relationship with the last person you text? My friend Dominik, best friend. 26. What makes you smile? @EllenDegeneres 27. Do you like sports? Yes, I run Track, Ive played Soccer for 7 years, and next year Im going to try out swimming. 28. What qualities do you admire in a person? Nice/kind, fun personality, likes to laugh, and likes to make people laugh when they are sad. 29. What qualities do you dislike in a person? Ignorance, Arrogance, Obnoxiousness, bully, stuck up, etc... 30. Rant about something that bothers you? THE FILTER IN FREE REALMS!!!!!! 31. Favourite food? Spaghetti with Shrimp. 32. Opinion on tattoos/piercings? I dont like tatoos, but dont mind piercings. 33. Any pets? None yet, but next month were getting a Husky. Or thinking about it... 34. What makes you happy when you are feeling down? Ellen Degeneres Show!!! Free Realms! or my friend Dominik or my girlfriend Bella. 35. If you could be with anyone in the world right now, who would it be? My friend Dominik! 36. Ideal holiday/a place you would like to visit? Going to California this Summer!!! BEACH BABY! ! 37. Something on your bucket list? Meet Ellen Degeneres 38. Lucky number? 3 39. Best year of your life so far? 2009, Free Realms. 40. If you could change one thing about what you did in the past, what would it be? Nothing, everything happens for a reason. 41. Last time you laughed very hard? about an hour ago watching News Bloopers. 42. If you could have only one super power , what would it be? Invisibility, best pranking power ever. 43. If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be? Ellen! She seems so active and happy! 44. Favourite tumblr blogs? I like em all. 45. Would you dye your hair, if so what colour? Probably not, but if so then blond. 46. Favourite animal? Snow Tiger/Husky/Koala. 47. Most prized possession? My iPhone, my girl friend, and my firend Dominik. 48. Are you putting something off right now? School work.... O.O 49. List 5 things you love? Girlfriend, Friend Dominik, Free Realms, Anime, and iPhones! 50. List 5 things you hate? Obnoxious people, slow wifi, the filter in Free Realms, Homework, and Google+ ruining YouTube!
Posted on: Fri, 31 Jan 2014 02:07:53 +0000

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