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10 reasons why we should love the British Monarchy. Despite my often liberal or socialist political views, I’m a staunch Royalist. I have absolutely no shame in admitting that I love the Roya 10 reasons why we should love the British Monarchy Despite my often liberal or socialist political views, I’m a staunch Royalist. I have absolutely no shame in admitting that I love the Royal Family. On the occasion of HRH Queen Elizabeth IIs Diamond Jubilee, the media is filled with celebratory comment, but anti-royalists are no doubt using it as an opportunity to air their republican views, too. In this day and age, many no longer see the relevance of an inherited monarchy. Well, in support of Her Glorious Madge, here’s ten reasons why we should love those royals: 1. They are part of a long historical tradition: William the Conqueror, Henry VIII, Bloody Mary, Bonnie Prince Charlie, Good Queen Vic – the royal family are the descendants of a long and illustrious line of colourful, fascinating historical figures. I spent many a childhood hour reading about the tales of intrigue, betrayal and honour left behind by the royal lineage. Who knows what legacy our current royals will leave on the pages of this age-old storybook? 2. They bring in millions in tourist revenue: Buckingham Palace, St James’ Palace, the Changing of the Guard, Windsor Castle, Sandringham – not to mention all of the other stately homes, historical buildings and royal traditions – are a huge draw for tourism into Great Britain, generating huge sums of revenue to the British economy. Then there is the sale of memorabilia, both at home and abroad, that supplies businesses and tradespeople with a steady stream of income. 3. They’re entertaining: Whether it’s cringing over Prince Phillip’s gaffes, drooling over Harry, or chuckling at Charles reading the weather, there’s no denying those royals have solid gold entertainment value. 4. They are national treasures: Like that dusty, aging antique family heirloom that your grandma keeps on the mantelpiece, the Royal Family are the nation’s heirloom. They may look a bit garish and out of place, but they’ve been there for so long, it wouldn’t look right without them. 5. They’re media fodder: Let’s face it, the media would be bereft without the royals. Over the years they’ve provided endless media fodder and countless news stories – the paps are practically clambering over each other to get the first shot every time Kate (sorry, the Duchess of Cambridge) steps out. The public love to read about them, whether they’ve done right, done wrong, or just put on a pretty dress. 6. They struggle, too: The royals, at the heart of it, are a family like any other – they too have their ups and downs, squabbles, wobbles and quibbles. Rocked by a number of very public divorces and scandals, the Royal Family has had its fair share of personal trials and tribulations – just like us normal folk. And of course, no one will forget the sight of two young princes following their young mother’s funeral procession. When Princess Diana was tragically killed in a car accident, the Royal Family wept, and the nation wept, too. They may be wrapped in pomp, circumstance and swathes of antique gilding, but at the heart of it, the royals are a family like any other. 7. They’re changing: While the Queen may represent old tradition and values, the younger generations of royals are setting the tone for the future of the monarchy. Largely led by Wills & Harry, the new generation represent a monarchy that is much more in touch with the people, down-to-earth, hard-working and forward thinking. With Wills holding down a day-job as a search and rescue pilot, Harry operating on the front line in Afghanistan, and Kate flying the flag for British fashion, the future looks bright. Yes, they may be privileged, but they’re not trying to rub our faces in it. 8. They get us the occasional extra day off work: An extra bank holiday for the Queen’s jubilee? Or how about a lie-in to celebrate the marriage of two young royals? Who on earth is going to say no to that! Any family that can score me the occasional extra (paid) day off work is worth keeping in my eyes! 9. They are role models: The Queen still keeps a very full calendar of public engagements and charitable commitments at the age of 86 – way past the national retirement age. She has dealt with the challenges of her role with grace and quiet determination, always maintaining her poise. Princess Diana was continually compassionate toward those in need. Prince Charles has done fantastic work through his organisation, The Prince’s Trust. Princes William and Harry (along with many other royals) have both served their country as members of the armed services. Many of the royals, be they old or young, are role models of commitment, courage and compassion – role models that are much-needed in today’s often chaotic society. 10. They bring communities together: Street parties, friends and families gathering in celebration, community events, pubs swathed in bunting – there’s no denying, communities love coming together for a right-royal knees-up. And that can’t be a bad thing.
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