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130911 MBC Shimshimtapa with Shindong and Henry [Transcripts] Henry said he had schedules but the Manager made him come today and SD said “you cant say that” & Henry said cux its fun. Henry said that SSTP might be the last radio show for 1-4-3… And asked if he went to Sukira and he said no. Henry asked why its only him n SD and he said “then its going to be not interesting” Henry said he was close with Amber ever since trainee times. He always wanted to collab with Amber. Henry said he and Amber vocal and feel match very well. They composed alot of song together that it was enough for an album. Henry: “Amber keeps following me recently. Even her style on Music Shows” Shindong mentioned that Amber is rather cool like a boy and Henry is very cute and Henry agreed that Amber is cool. Henry said that at Happy Tgt he said “Wow!” to all the girls (even staff) but they edited it that way that he likes Girl Grp Henry said that this week is his Goodbye Stage. Last stage this Sunday. Henry said that during dry rehearsal normally people just sing alittle but Ailee sang like a Beyonce and did very very well. Henry said that the girl he is acting a love line with in a drama is 6 years older. He never met her but heard she is pretty. The actress is married and he is worried that his husband would be watching as there is alot of skinship. Hotel scene involved. Shindong asked if there is a topless scene and Henry said no since his body isnt very good. Henry said he would not be in Korea for 2 months. But will still appear when there is events or concerts. Henry also mentioned that Ailee does even better than what we see on shows. Qn: Whose face in SJ do you envy most? Henry: Siwon Qn: Who are you the most thankful for this time’s collaborations? Henry: Kyuhyun Qn: Which Korean Female Singer do you want to work with the most? Henry: Ailee Qn: Which male soloist do you take as your rival? Henry’s Ans: Taeyang (After alot of thinking) Shindong made Henry promise to make a logo song for SSTP. Shindong pronounced I Would as I Woood and Henry taught him how to pronounce it and SD said it hard. #yesin
Posted on: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 18:02:42 +0000

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