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145,ooo Job Vacancies, 1.7Million Unemployed/under-employed The International Monetary Fund stated Australias unemployment rate will remain well over 6% next 2 years, giving Australia the second highest rate of Unemployed in the Asia-Pacific region. And yet the Federal government still thinks bashing the unemployed and other Centrelink recipients is a good idea.. [Do You Get It?] Why not try Increasing the number job vacancies instead, Or a Living Wage for people to survive upon? Despite there being over 750,000 unemployed people (& 950,000 under-employed), today there is only around 145,000 job vacancies in Australia. This means that on average there are 10 job seekers applying for every job vacancy. Put another way, if every person who is considered unemployed today miraculously managed to get accepted into these 145,000 job vacancies, there will still be over 600,000 unemployed people left over! If the government is not able to increase the level of jobs available, the AUU demands the government take responsibility for those it has failed to provide with steady work by (1) raising all rates of entitlement to a level above the poverty line, and (2) withdrawing all attacks and cuts to Australias welfare system. smh.au/federal-politics/political-news/australias-jobless-rate-to-be-secondworst-in-asiapacific-region-imf-20141008-10rnq9.html c/o The Australian Unemployment UNION It does not show that over 200,000 unemployed people are over the age of 50 – a 40% increase since 2010 It does not show that today there are only 145,000 job vacancies. This means that on average there are at least 10 job seekers for every job vacancy. unemploymentunion.au/ It does not show that the rate of unemployment benefit is about half of what is needed to live above the poverty line, or that Newstart has not increased in real terms since 1994. It does not show that there are one million under-employed people competing against the unemployed for jobs It does not show that one in four people collecting unemployment benefits have a significant disability and have over the last few years been pushed onto Newstart from the Disability Support Pension or that there are 100,000 single parents who have also been forced onto the starvation rate of Newstart It does not show that Youth Unemployment is more than double the national rate, in some places, triple And lastly, it does not show that long term unemployment has over the last 6 years doubled to 500,000 – or that the average time spent unemployed, according to the Australian Council of Social Services, is 4 years.
Posted on: Sun, 19 Oct 2014 09:09:48 +0000

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