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19 Todays Horoscope 90 friends are Taurus See yesterdays horoscope Partnerships, possibly business related, are on the agenda, Taurus. You might find yourself in discussions dealing with such partnerships, as well as contracts and other paperwork. You might also set aside time during which you can concentrate on a romantic relationship, a new one or current one thats changing and growing. This is a good time to make decisions, as your mind is particularly focused now. Love Todays astral configuration may imply that you have to resort to using shock tactics to get yourself noticed by someone special. As you are a fairly gentle and placid person, and dislike making a fuss about anything, this has to be a radical gesture; and to be honest, you must also be severely in love to even be contemplating this next step. But sometimes needs must! Career Your head is spinning and it is hard for you to get control of your mind. Slow down and take a few deep breaths. Try not to get frustrated. Good communication with others will be the key to sorting out your wild ideas and sporadic thoughts. Wellness The present astral configuration gives you a day of really great communicating abilities. Its time to show those you love how much you love them and tell those whom you dont feel so great with that its time you both moved on. This is a wonderful transit for win-win communication. Also, its a great time to check in with your body at the gym and see if you can increase the levels you are currently working at.
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