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1980 Mercedes Benz. Diesel, w/veggie conversion Trade? Description UPDATE: I just lowered the car a bit more and did a 1-3/4 engine and transmission raise and installed brand new front tires I will take new pictures reflecting the new stance as soon as possible. This car has a conversion so that you can drive it on free fuel (used fryer grease from restaurants) lowered suspension. Polished intake and cam cover. newer Sony cd and speakers 115 amp alternator upgrade Lower mileage rebuilt engine. european spec headlight conversion With 55 watt dual beam 5000k HID light conversion Authentic German front license plate. lots of new parts and work done. I would trust this car anywhere. I drive it 40 miles to and from work daily (for free on veggie fuel) people love this thing everywhere I go. 308-340-ten six two. Located in McCook, -Christopher
Posted on: Thu, 07 Aug 2014 03:27:15 +0000

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