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2013/2014 English Premier League Exams (Attempt all questions) 1. Discuss the fall of Manchester United and the rise of LIVERPOOL FC in relation to 2013/14 Epl season (20mks). 2. Using Arsenal as an example. Describe the force of gravity?? (15mks). 3. Chelsea first signed Nemanja Matic for 9m, sold him to Benfica for 3m and later re-signed him for 24m.... Prepare a profit and loss account (12mks). 4. Differentiate between the special one and the chosen one (4mks). 5. Write an essay on this proverb old is gold, in relation to Old trafford (20mks.) 6. Calculate the probability of Manchester united winning the next game in relation to previous performances (15mks). 7. Estimate the velocity at which Manchester united is depreciating considering the new manager (7mks). 8. With the aid of a diagram, prove that Manchester united will go trophyless this season (20mks). 9. Without Using Table, list out the first 4 clubs in EPL (5mks). 10. Explain the sudden quietness of all ManU fan/ supporters on all social networks. (20mks). 11. Choose the correct answer and explain (10mks). a ..Moyes = Wenger b ..Moyes < Wenger c ..Moyes > Wenger. Your time starts now! Goodluck!
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