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2014 was such a great year for animegraphy , alot of great shows ( barakamon / noragami / jojo stardust crusader / Fate stay night UBW / Unicorn ep 7 / reconguista / Zankyou no terror / Shingeki no bahamut and many others ....... ) but those 3 shows are just in a whole new level of deepness and awesomeness mushishi / space dandy / ping pong , those 3 shows are the anime of the year, they complete each others , mushishi with the nostalgia , ping pong with the deepness , space dandy with the comedy and the action ( for me of course): - Mushishi zoku shou : who thought mushishi would be back after 8 years with almost the same animation / art oustaaaanding ost and nostalgic as always for me mushishi is not only one of the best anime this year , but one of the best anime of this century - Ping pong the animation : the underrated of the year because ppl always judges something before watching it , it s ping pong why would i care about ping pong EWW what is that art .... well if you have finished it you would give it at least a 8/10 , deep as hell... - space dandy : the comedy of the year hilarious show with a good animation (bones studio) , the character design are great , the osts (jazz /techno ) are so good , reminds me alot of cowboy bebop , alot of parodies If you haven t watched these 3 shows , then you better do !
Posted on: Sun, 21 Dec 2014 13:10:24 +0000

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