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28 taon ng lumipas, wala paring hustisya! Twenty-eight years ago, on a narrow bridge near Malacanang, some 10,000 farmers marched to ask then President Corazon Aquino to make good on her promise to implement a genuine agrarian reform program. Mendiola Bridge was the center of many a protest in the country since the time of Mrs. Aquinos predecessor, the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Its proximity to the Palace assured demonstrators that their calls might be better heard. But on January 22, 1987, it was the sound of bullets firing in and screams from the farmers that echoed in the streets outside the presidential palace. Within a few minutes, 13 farmers lay dead. At least 39 others sustained gunshot wounds, while 20 suffered minor injuries. The 13 farmers who were killed in the shootings were: Dante Evangelio, Danilo Arjona, Ronilo Domanico, Rodrigo Grampan, Bernabe Laquindanum, Roberto Yumul, Leopoldo Alonzo, Dionisio Bautista, Roberto Caylao, Sonny Boy Perez, Vicente Campomanes, Angelito Gutierrez, and Adelfa Aribe. Twenty-eight years have passed and justice still eludes the victims of the bloody massacre. Twenty years have passed and the oppressive conditions of millions of poor and landless peasants in the country remain the same. https://youtube/watch?v=gOMHl9_vkY4
Posted on: Thu, 22 Jan 2015 09:25:08 +0000

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