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3 German Shepherd puppies. Born May 16th, 2014. 80 days old, or 11 weeks, if you prefer. My mother and I have finally come to the conclusion that we just cant afford to feed 6 puppies. Therefore, we have decided to sell 3 of them. We have 2 males and 1 female. No shots have been given yet. We strongly believe in waiting until 12 weeks of age, before giving shots. We have had bad experiences with getting shots done before 12 weeks of age. I require VERY responsible people for these puppies. Below I have created a checklist of information, per puppy. They are $200 each. The price is high because I want to ensure they go to the best homes possible, and if someone cannot afford a puppy, I will assume that they will not be able to afford any medical bills, proper training, and proper nutrition and care. They are not fully housebroken, but they are crate trained. They run right into the cage when we say kennel up! Luca: -Male -German Shepherd -Black with White paws -Straight back (not roach backed) -Medium sized, erect ears -Very high prey drive -Possible cryptorchid -Very active and somewhat stubborn -Will need a lot of 1 on 1 attention I recommend: A home with a single male or female, or a young couple. Someone that will have a lot of time to spend with him. He can be nippy at times, so I would not recommend grabby children. He does show signs of dominance with his littermates, so if he goes to a home with other dogs, be sure to supervise play times and do a lot of training with him. I have started basic obedience in German. Is naturally curious and will try to play with our cats. Sasha: -Female -German Shepherd -Dark Sable/Black (Unique coloring) -Straight Back (not roach backed) -Medium sized, erect ears -Low/No prey drive -Very independent (not anti-social though) -Curled tail (Fault from father) -Possible carrier of the cryptorchid genetic defect -Does not demand one on one attention, but should be given regardless I recommend: A family environment. She will do great in any home. She will be very easy to train. I have started basic obedience in German. She has great focus, as long as food is involved. She is very much like her mother. Calm, submissive, independent. Does great with our cats and her littermates. Will excel in a home with other animals. Thor: -Male -German Shepherd -Black with white paws -Very fluffy -Large sized, erect ears -Straight back (not roach backed) -Low/Medium prey drive -Moderately independent -Slightly curled tail (fault from father) -Possible cryptorchid -Enjoys human interaction, but not an overabundance -Extremely gentle and sweet I recommend: A family environment without small children. He can be slightly shy at times, and will need an owner that knows how to build up confidence. I have started basic obedience in German. He has moderate focus, and can be distracted sometimes. He is calm, submissive. Naturally curious of cats. Will also excel in a home with other animals. I have the mother and father, both of which are pictured here. Mother, Giselle, is the white one. Father, Titan, the black. The father was neutered one week before the puppies were delivered, and the mother is scheduled to be spayed next week. During the fathers neuter, the cryptorchid testicle was easily removed. It was a 100% acciental litter, and my female actually ended up giving birth the night we left to drive from Utah to California, to move out here. The puppies traveled for their first 7 days of life. We had originally planned to keep all 6, but it is proving difficult with the extra mouths to feed. I cherish my puppies more than anything, and I will only allow them to go to the best homes possible. I have an adoption contract that must be signed, along with a witness, to ensure proper care of my dogs. It simply states that they must be fixed within 6 months from the day the adopter acquires a puppy. I will not allow one of my puppies to be used for breeding. The father was a cryptorchid. I recommend researching it extensively before contacting me. It also states, if at any point in the dogs life the adopter is unable, or unwilling, to care for the dog anymore, that I am to be contacted first. Should I decide not to reclaim the dog, the adopter is allowed to rehome by other means. Thank you for taking the time to read this entire post. I most certainly appreciate it. I can be contacted though Facebook.
Posted on: Tue, 05 Aug 2014 02:37:55 +0000

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