3 SOLID BELIEFS PROMPT ME TO BE DOING INTERNET MATCH MAKING WHN I started it around 2006. Truly I know life is not about winning @all time bt is all abt cater @ all mins to make someone happy. I started internet match making bcus of what I see & perceived abt some ladies n gent them. & I categorically proof it 2 everyone of U frnds dt, am helping all these girls for free. Some of them dont know. Not they r given me return. Some of d petty call credit I sometimes (not all time) request frm u guys is to make certain calls with those ladies b4 I unleash their numbers out 2 U guys as d process of match making demand 4 purpose of security guaranttee. But recently, I saw that some guys are ungrateful. Samuel Akpnovo who has gotten 5 pretty ladies frm m still go ahead claiming my match making process is not real, not until I went further to copied frm our inbox chat & paste it 4 society to read. And 1 Sundial Olusegun who never 4 once say hi to me in my inbox went ahead 2 saying I sent all d ladies out 2 be collecting money as to be given me returns. Even while some of d ladies will never once send me kobo or sometimes neglect to even feed me back upon any amount U guys might give them. What hurt me most is that, out of 27,000 + frnds dt I got in all my Acc, despite d fact dt I knew d large number of match making dt I have done 4 u guys, it was only Tunde Akere, Mike Olalere ,GAFAR & 3 other men dt was able to be defend me openly. The rest guys behave as if they didnt see how those wrong allegations were level against me. Should I now go ahead I publish all d names dt I oft has match mated just only in dis year? Some of u asked why did those ladies demand 4 high prices? This is not my business in d 1st place. Becus, I always simply each post I made concern Match Making. I always differentiate d one 4 money deal & d one for serious relationship. I put everything on my profile detail for clarity & better understanding abt Match Making. So, why r human beings like this? While do they like paying ur good wrk back with d crying & regret? Oh my God.
Posted on: Sun, 13 Apr 2014 06:44:43 +0000

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