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3 Steps to getting more INTIMATE with The Holy Spirit. There are some few steps u can take in getting more intimate with the Holy Spirit; here we are going to look at some of these steps to getting more intimate with The Holy Spirit. 1) PRAYER: Oh my! I love this aspect of it! U see, words cannot satisfactorily express and describe what I enjoy whenever I pray and that Anointing comes upon me. It is the most wonderful thing in the world! I always wish it will just continue and never stop! I think i know how the atmosphere in Heaven will be like, and how it will feel in our bodies when we get to heaven physically; it will be a state of continual Enjoyment, basking in the Glorious Presence of God, with our bodies continually thrilled by the Anointing of His PRESENCE going up and down our bodies, in a continuous thrilling sensation! U may ask how I happened to know dat? Well, I know because that is what I always experience whenever I pray, and u know The Holy Spirit has come to make us experience Heaven here on earth! So I hv a clue how it fills over there! Whenever I pray in the spirit, and the Presence of God fills my room, that sweet sensational anointing comes upon me. It is just like a Heavenly romance with the Holy Spirit and I always wish it will just go on and on without ceasing! I enjoy it, and I love it! So so much! U see, Prayer helps u come closer in fellowship with God. There is a communion between ur spirit and HIS Spirit. Just like ur physical body sometimes need a hug frm a love one, likewise, Prayer helps ur spirit to come into a Hug and Loving Embrace with The Holy Spirit of God. This is what Prayer does. This is one way it develops ur spirit, especially when u Pray in the spirit. The Holy Spirit once said to me Pray MORE OFTEN in the spirit than u are doing now.... One of the reasons He said that to me, is bcs it will greatly enhance my Fellowship with Him. Now, Praying in the spirit is NOT the same thing as praying in tongues. U can Pray in the Spirit with tongues, and u can also pray in the Spirit with ur understanding. I will explain this later on subsequent posts. So, Prayer Builds ur spirit, and helps u get very close in fellowship with Gods Spirit Also, Prayer makes u HEAR the VOICE of the Holy Spirit MORE CLEARLY! The Most Audible Voice of the Holy Spirit I have ever heard, was in the time of prayer. It was so Audible and Clear, just as though someone was just standing beside me and talking to me! It was so clear, that I even wrote down every thing He Said to me Word for Word! And I still have d notes with me even today! The reason is because, in the moment of Prayer, especially when u are praying in the spirit with tongues, ur spirit becomes MORE SENSITIVE to Gods Spirit, and ur senses are relax, they dont disturb and make noise to ur spirit, so u can now clearly hear the VOICE of the Spirit in an audible Voice! I bet u will love and Enjoy it! Often, the Holy Spirit gives me the message in tongues, and then the interpretation comes almost simultaneously, so I can know what He is Saying in Tongues! Its a Nice time Praying in the Presence of Gods Holy Spirit! 2) STUDY THE WORD: This is another Vital requirement in building a healthy and initimate Relationship and Fellowship with The Holy Spirit! U see, The Holy Spirit will NEVER lead u outside of the Word of God! He is ALWAYS in Agreement with The Word because they are One! 1John5:9 says There are Three that bear WITNESS in Heaven; The Father, The WORD, and The Holy Spirit. Now, Notice it says The WORD and The Holy Spirit ALWAYS bear witness together, so the Holy Spirit can never direct u outside of Gos Word! Every thing He says is ALWAYS within the confines of The Word of God. That is one reason why unbelievers can NEVER iunderstand the Bible, bcs it only the Holy Spirit that Can Teach u His Word, and un believers DONT have the Holy Spirit! Therefore, if u must become Intimate with the Holy Ghost, u must marry ur Bible! It must become ur No.1 Book. And Constant Companion! U see, whenever I Open my Bible to read, It comes alive to me. Its as if Jesus Christ is speaking each words afresh to me, like I am just hearing or seeing it for the first time! It becomes so new to me! Fresh Revelations! I find myself discussing Bible Passages with The Holy Spirit, and He will just keep explaining it to me. Thats How I learnt most deep things I know today in Gos Word; The Holy Spirit Taught me! And it is so profond, that I spend the rest of the day meditating and contemplating upon what I hv learnt frm Gods Word By The Holy Spirit! He keeps bringing them to my remembrance. Gods Word said He shall brings ALL things to ur remembrance! Studying the Word of God, helps u become Holy Spirit Conscious. Because u meditate and contemplate on The Word of God 24hours a day, even while u are walking on the street, lying on ur bed, eating at d dinning table, u will just be meditating on any particular verse of Scripture, and u cant seem to let go! Hallelujah! This Makes the Holy Spirit more real to u, and always conscious of His Presence, because u are always thinking His Thoughts, speaking His Words and Listening to Him! The Holy Spirit then becomes More than a Friend to u, and becomes ur PARACLETE, I.e ur Comforter, One that is Called to be by ur side and go along with u. This is a Very Sweet Relationship the Holy Spirit wants to Have with u. MEDITATE upon what u have just read above, PRAY and DO what u hv just read now, and u will enter into the Most Sweetest Relationship there is in the entire universe; The Relation between a Creator and His creature. Between a Loving Father and His Son/Daughter. Say thse words; OH! I LOVE YOU HOLY SPIRIT, WELCOME INTO MY LIFE! Enjoy Grace. God Bless u.
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