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3 Tips Simple Tips to Increase Productivity I have found that these 3 tips, as simple as they sound, really do boost my productivity. If Im trying to write an article or complete a project, I put these tips into action and get so much more completed. 1. Get rid of distractions Eliminate all the unnecessary distractions such as email alerts, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites. In fact, just turn off the Internet. If what you are working on doesnt involve the internet, shut it down. 2. Plan Ahead Plan out meals at least a week ahead and write down your grocery list based on your menu. This will not only save you time, stress and money, it also makes it super easy to stick to healthier foods instead of ordering out, fast-food or processed products. 3. Dont check your email first thing in the morning Avoid checking your emails at the beginning of the day. Allocate a time to go through your mail and stick to it. Checking email first thing gets you sucked into the email vortex and you may not resurface for a long time. Give these simple tips a try and see if they boost your productivity.
Posted on: Mon, 15 Sep 2014 21:39:28 +0000

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