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#3minutebeatsorunder #3minorbeatsorunder Todays challenge was presented by my main man Laquan Salters. Sample: Lenny Williams I love you Bpms: 150 16 bar loop Disclaimer: this sample has been done so many times that it was scary and I think KANYE WEST WAS THE GREATEST TO EVER DO IT! Having said that, this was just my take on it within the 3 minute arena. Have a heart Allied CoalitionJump OffCommander. Bwuhahahahahahahaha Thank yall so much for all of your support in helping us to reach 85,000 spins. PLEASE KEEP REPOSTING/ SHARING, and SPREADING THE WORD! Heidi Allen Drop Car-boni Mike Stego David Drake Jr Mack Ml Casey Larosee David Daniel Nacomas Jones Lil-Liv NightHawk Mandie Hall Dana Plauger
Posted on: Mon, 15 Dec 2014 04:06:32 +0000

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