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#4155 A marvelous land India is. I have never ventured to this blessed subcontinent. India is a large wondrous beauty. The land glistens under the rising and setting sun; the bustling traffic of the metropolis is nowhere to be found. A natural aroma and serenity predominates the region. Men do not speed upon their own business, men are not singular and alone as if in Chicago. Here men live and work as one. A community is the heart and soul of India. It is the mother of the world. Mathematics, language, and religion were incepted in this glorious nation. I pilgrimaged through the land as a vagabond. My trail began in Bombay and soon it stretched across the nation, Calcutta, Hyderabad, Madras, Lahore, Vishakhapatnam, etc. There was no hamlet, no town, and no city I had not seen in India. I ate all the local food and saw the natural beauties. The history soon engrossed me as I read of the late kings: Asoka, Harsha, and Chatrapathi Sivaji. The Hindu religion in addition became a course of study as I visited and worshiped the deities at the temples. Each temple was a monument of architecture. Expertly sculpted with gorgeous snow white marble, the carvings done intricately with the angels and deities within the temple.
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