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~~~~***5- 6 months Card Checker/Embosser needed X5 ****~~~~ RecruitFirst is hiring for Card Checker. You will be outsourced to work at:- Location: Macpherson Working hours: Office hours ; Monday to Friday ; Sat (Half Day) Salary: $1000 and above/mth Requirements: Min. GCE ‘A’ Level Duration: 5 - 6 months Job Scope: Ensure all cards are in working condition, ensure all information on cards are accurate To apply, sms Xuan Kwok Huen Wai at 90263320 with your 1. Full Name 2. NRIC 3. Quote ‘Temp Card Checker’ Name/Reg No: Kwok Huen Wai/R1433611 EA License: RecruitFirst/13C6342
Posted on: Mon, 26 Jan 2015 11:45:12 +0000

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