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5.9.14 ---------- GOONS AND BUFFOONS (Satire) ----------------------------------------------- I asked a friend of mine, “What is Parliament? “ He gave detailed briefing to me, which is very informative and I share here. According to him, the Parliament is a compound object, which comprises three elements. 1) The building 2) Chairs accommodated in the building and 3) The faces who sit in these chairs. If the building is there, but chairs and faces are not! It could be go down but not Parliament. If the building and chairs exist with no human being to sit in, it could be school of any village in Sindh but not Parliament. If there are chairs and people sitting in, that could be Tea stall along Road side or on a bank of canal under the trees but not Parliament. If there are only people, having neither building nor chairs; for sure they could be voters having come in to dowry of Raees /Sardar / Saeen. So when these three elements are combined, that is called Parliament. Since the Parliament and its chairs are sovereign, the faces sit in; automatically turn sovereign, sagacious, pious, holly, worthy, wealthy, privileged and above law. They fly at the altitude of thirty thousand feet above the Law. Not they only, but their siblings and relatives too. The law is only for the buffoons like me, who push the goons, just with an ugly Thumb and the goons start to fly high in the skies. The Parliament is the place where one can sleep, chat ,play games on mobile, sing song, recite poetry, hurl abuses ,speak pure lies ,tear books of budgets and et cetera et cetera .It is the place where they holy faces spend time in multiplying their own fortunes and the misfortunes of buffoons like me. They become master in multiplication. They don’t know whether division or subtraction are too practiced in mathematics.. From the briefing of my friend , I gathered that any building befitting on the above definition could be Parliament. I have a small house along the bank of Mirwah, where chairs and Cots are available. About 40 to 50 people of the village daily gather there and do all that which is done in the building like Parliament. But people call it Otak .The participant include, from different professions of society, whom jealousy people call, thieves, Tharaee (those who drink local made wine), Charsi, opiumi and extortionists. Local police made us hell to gather at Otak and operate. Police used to get share from us and some time it would arrest .We were in trouble to operate. Ever since knowing the definition of Parliament, I put a sign board at Otak, written on it, “VILLAGE PARLIAMENT “! Now police is submissive to me. It operates as I desire .Officials call on me for my blessings .I have learnt the ways to multiply assets. This is the miracle of being Parliamentarian. Yesterday, I invited my wise friend to visit my Village Parliament. He commented,”You are goon not buffoon “! ( By : G.R.Talpur )
Posted on: Fri, 05 Sep 2014 14:57:54 +0000

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