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60 years ago today, 1st January, my family moved to Ossett. We moved into the family home just over the wall from Southdale School where my mother still lives. Both my parents worked in Ossett, my father worked for the county at Highways and Bridges, in the old tram sheds on Sowood bends, my mother was the reception class teacher at the Infants school at the top of Vicar Lane. My father was a member of various organisations - Roundtable, 41 Club, Rotary, my mother Ladies Circle, Tangent and more recently Ossett Ladies Luncheon Club. These organisations have, and still do many good things for the community of Ossett and some national and international good causes. In the main it was and still is local people getting together and organising fun events. These organisations rely on volunteers joining in to create marvellous entertainment fun fundraising events. Like my brothers, I was encouraged to join local community based organisations - the scout movement on Manor Road, I sang in the Choirs of both North and South Ossett churches at different times. I left Ossett and was in the army for a period of time. Upon my return I was elected onto the Parochial Church council at South Ossett Church to represent the Youth and opened up the Youth club. When I joined the civil service I moved away from Ossett and worked in the administration of welfare benefits throughout my career. In the latter stages of my career I moved back to Ossett with my partner David Smith and we set up home together in the Sowood area of the town. We were told that Ossett wasnt ready for our relationship. The people of Ossett have proved that Ossett was more than ready for us - although some have commented about the bright Yellow banner outside our house come election time but most have accepted that Yellow Banner in good part. I have now retired and should have more time to work on Ossett community projects. David and I have joined various local community organisations, Ossett Civic Trust, Wakefield Civic Trust, Ossett Town Centre Partnership, Building Ossett Better. I am a school governor and helped form BYFFO the financial support committee that works with the local police who set up and run the BrickHouse youth club. Just lately I have joined Ossett Rotary International club. Again all these organisations rely heavily on volunteers who are willing to come and put their ideas into action. Over the sixty years that my family have lived in Ossett many things have changed and society has become much more inclusive. But one thing has not changed, Ossett can be great if Ossett people join their Community and put in the effort to make Ossett Great. Sitting comfortably on the sideline saying They should do this ..., If only they had done this ........, If they had asked me ...., If only Ossett was more like .... Gets us nowhere.
Posted on: Thu, 01 Jan 2015 18:40:31 +0000

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