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75 EXALTED NAMES OF JESUS Eternal Father Isaiah 9:6, King of Kings Rev. 19:16, Lord of Lord 1Tim.6:15, Prince of peace Isa.9:6, Chief cornerstone Eph.2:20, Last Adam 1Cor.15:45. Advocate 1JH. 2:1, Light of the world JH. 8:12, The Ruler Mtt. 2:6 Chief Guide Ps 23:3, High Priest Heb. 6:20, Rock of Ages 1 Cor.10:4, Bread of Life JH6:35, The True Teacher JH3:2, Author and Finisher of our faith Heb.12:2, The Mediator 1Tim.2:5, The Master Healer Lk.16:13, Chief Judge 1Pt.2:24 & Acts 10:42 The Bride Groom Mtt.9:15, Word of God Rev.19:13, Holy One Acts 3:14, Alpha & Omega Rev.22:13 Bright morning Star Rev. 22:16, The Ancient of days Daniel 7:22, The Great Provider Mtt 15:36 Unchangeable God Heb. 13:8, The Lamb of God JH.1:29, The Amen Rev.3:14 The Faithful & True witness Rev.3:14, Rose of Sharon Songs of Solomon 2:1, Lily of Valley Songs of Solomon 2:1 The Rewarder Rev. 11:12, Son of God Mtt.16:16, The Christ Mtt.16:16, The Mighty God Isaiah 9:16 The Creator Col.1:16, The Messiah Dan.9:25, The Saviour JH.4:42, The Image of God Heb.1:3 The Omnipresent Mtt.18:20, Lion of Judah Rev.5:5, The Hope of Man 1Tim.1:1, The Son of Man Mtt.8:20, God of Israel Lk.1:68, The Omnipotent Rev.19:6, The Redeemer Lk1.68, The Everlasting King Jer. 10:10, The Rod of Jesse Isaiah 9:6, The Living God Jer.10:10, The Chief Shepherd 1Pt5:4 The True God Jer.10:10 The Door Jh.10:7, Wonderful Isa.9:6, The Gift of God Jh. 4:10, The Sanctifier JH.17:19, The Head of the Church Eph.1:22, The Merciful God Luke 1:78, The Lord of Host Haggai 2:7 The Chief Commander Isa.55:4, The High Priest Heb.3:1, The Fountain of Life Ps.36:9, The True Vine JH.15:1 The Conqueror of Death Acts 2:24, Covenant Living/keeping God Jer.31:31, The Horn of Salvation Luke 1:69 The Strength of Israel Jer.31:32, The Chief Doctor Mtt.8:16, The Rock of Salvation Ps.89:26, The Deliverer Ps.68:6 The Burden Bearer Isa.53:4, The Root of Jesse Isa.11:10, The Great Provider Phil.4:19, The Bishop of our souls 1Pt.2:25 Acknowledgement & Contact Christian Abiodu Ikwunze 08085326606, 0808373350.
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