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A BIT OF A DILEMMA! A Euthyphro style dilemma triggers debate but especially when is applied against government derisions. It becomes severely complex when bad decisions are legitimized affecting the lives of citizens and in so doing, trample upon peoples constitutional rights. Robbing people’s bank accounts is one good example of constitutional abuse of power and such a decision cannot be right under any circumstances! Ideally when that happens, there should be a legal recourse by citizens to stop (referendum) or to prosecute governments for betraying people’s trust and its negation of a promise: “to govern and to protect the people and their inherited rights as citizens of the state". Such abuses of power are commonly used because governments are authorized by a political system (the people), which operates under a dysfunctional nepotistic structure. It is known as pseudo-democracy that ultimately breeds corruption and encourages the making of despots. They do so mainly because people have failed their obligation as citizens to seek and protect their rights against such abuse by “democratically elected” governments – a bad mistake! There remains one simple question: is something right because the State commands it, or does the State command it because is right? A dilemma indeed, particularly when a notion is governed by “elected dictatorship”!
Posted on: Fri, 23 Aug 2013 05:06:00 +0000

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