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A Christs Message to Civilized Humanity youtu.be/Ks4Jg_sScsQ You Tube Video I, This Living Christ invite all to share this Message to a satanic afflicted Civilized Humanity. We are entering a cataclysmic shift in Consciousness which shall only solidify the Satanic power of Mind control brought about by the Illusion of the New World Order. It is all an illusion, but most of you are presently incapable of grasping that Truth. Listen and SHARE this video with all who seek Peace and not slavery in their lives. For those awaiting the 2nd Coming of Christ, THIS IS IT! ”No other man but I, in the recorded History of mankind, including JESUS CHRIST, has directly revealed to the World the SATANIC WEAPON used to enslave mankind — INTELLECTUAL THOUGHT!!” Raymond Ronald Karczewski© — A Living Christ The Gospel according to Ray the Christ: arkenterprises/index.html#Gospel Change The Quality of Your Life Today arkenterprises/ leesarayenterprises/ leesarayenterprises/definespirituality
Posted on: Tue, 06 Jan 2015 03:39:15 +0000

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