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A God Gifted day! When you wake up smile, and thank the Lord for this day! Are you treating your family well? I know we will all answer that one with a yes, but really thing about it. If you were to ask your children what would they say? Are you home enough? Do you spend more quantity time vs. quality time? And are you taking care of yourself so you may better serve and love them? We tend to claim my job requires me to stay late, or I worked hard so I deserve this golf game, or what keeps you from them. There is nothing wrong with these as long as we put family first over those things. Today...BE with your family...Share their laughter, their moments of glory, and their times of defeat...Put gods love in your heart...share it with your family, show them that are all that matters in your life...even when you are not there, show them you are there in spirit and love...when it all comes to pass, your family is truly all what matters in your life...so dont spend time with them...LIVE with your family!!! Youll be glad you did!!! God bless Your Sunday!!! Helping Others...Help Others... Howard M. Strong jr.
Posted on: Sun, 27 Oct 2013 11:29:41 +0000

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