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A MAJOR SILK PROJECT : FOOD for thought.. I am not talking of Easter Eggs! ***************** Please fellow Silkies, READ ON! ************************* A late posting few days ago from Daniel on his main page about that Expressionist Painter Barnett Newmann and his 44 Mio Painting... Has created some Ideas in my head. It would be a lovely bonding for this new group here, TAOS, there is such fantastic potential we all have... Just think on terms of CHRISTO and Jeanne-Claude (The Artists) or perhaps, the Song We are the world from that famous Event USA for Africa in the Eighties... So many great INDIVIDUAL Artists, performing one great Song together... WE have a lot of SILK POWER, be AWARE of that. Can you IMAGINE the MARKETING and WOW FACTOR we could create when we all put together one LARGE PIECE with each of all our love / creativity / talent... into it. I would love to cover ... a special Area (A Silk roof for an Island perhaps???) or a Building... or the largest Piece of Silkpainting in the world, crossing Cities... perhaps... We could all decide on a same sized piece of silk, even more streamlined with similar colours / or same Theme... Each individually created by us. Represented as one large powerful group of SILKPAINTERS ... One Website to bundle the project, linked to each individual Artist... We would need People-power to manage the Press / Marketing / as well as People to support locally / this would be a major Project but most of all... We need Painters to participate! Lets just start from there: Who wants to join me and bring the beauty of Silk Art to the World??? I hope you do! Sending you my love.... Stefanie Wilhelm.
Posted on: Sun, 20 Apr 2014 08:21:50 +0000

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