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A OPEN LETTER TO PROPONENTS OF PEACE Much has been written and said about Muslims in general but specifically Pakistan, Specially since the events of September the eleven 2001. The venom which has been spewing from the western press, TV and Radio against this country, certainly is extremely disturbing for Pakistanis who are living abroad. In Pakistan however people are going about there life under deplorable conditions, having no choice in the matter but to endure the suffering inflicted upon them for no fault of there own. One needs not to elaborate or get into the detail of the viciousness that this country has been subjected to, because twelve years is long enough time for all this to register in our memory for years to come. Scars are deep enough to make me not to believe the old proverb time heals all wounds. Yes, there are some who do have the courage to criticize the injustices carried out by the rich and the power full, but its the selectiveness of that criticism that troubles me. Cities after cities have been burned down and scores are killed on daily bases simply to satisfy ego, yet no one raises an eyebrow because either they have muted conscience or their voices have been muffled by design. Perhaps there cant be any other explanation for the absolute silence of supposedly civilized world, who at times appear to have cornered the market on decency, compassion and love for mankind which could be true, but only when it is more convenient and fitting for them. There are many brilliant thinkers, scholars and proponents of peace and harmony with every medium on their disposal to speak out against these atrocities which are being carried out in their name by their elected governments. What is it, that holding them back, could it be that anyone living below 33 parallel is sub human or perhaps his life is not as important? Or should I say, fear of reprisal prevent them to express there outrage, if it is true, then they must concede the fact that free speech which they hold so close to their heart is just a facade, an elusion and total rubbish. One wonders why the west is so obsessed with controlling the world by brute force, or maybe its the thrill of the kill that excites there urge to cause chaos in the world. Why are they deliberately subjugating the Muslim world to tyranny but hate to do the same to their own. You in the Western world! Have been witnessing maliciousness and tyranny, for many years now. From Vietnam to Korea, from Middle East to Afghanistan and Africa, it pretty much covers the whole world, isnt it? Yes it does! Millions have been killed. My question to you all good doers is, where is your compassion and love for humanity. Why cant you speak up and stop this blood shed. Aggressive use of force to subdue the masses has no place in a civilized society, but if its in your genes to settle every issue by force with compleat disregard for life unless its your own, then it makes you a selfish and a renegade. Unfortunately might is right phenomena has been excepted and has become a norm. There is an air of fear looming over the world, where institutions like UNO and IMF are being used as tools to destroy or create a country. In this climate who will dare to speak ill of the masters of our world. It is a depressing and frustrating situation on which many books could be written and the debate will go on for perpetuity but I am afraid quest for power, greed for more and urge for survival are merged together so densely that separating them will require a godly effort. People in the west are enjoying the peace and harmony which there leaders love to deprive the rest of the world off. In conclusion I must say that leverage gained by force is short lived and largely is ineffective but influence acquired by mutual understanding, negotiations and friendship has no expiration date. Can we salvage our world from the mess its in? Yes! But only if all of us work together as one people and as one entity with enough courage and perseverance. Yes! peace in our time is possible, not as a myth, but in reality.
Posted on: Mon, 24 Mar 2014 19:27:50 +0000

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