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A door step note. ... content, are structured in such a way that to engage them is to put oneself to ones limit, whereby something may happen of another order. The writings are structured to promote active mentation and its possible fruit. This must in principle involve some deception or unperceived action towards our normal state and mode of mind/being. As humans we know it is hard to motivate ourselves and often need persuasion by deception. In Gurdjieffs scheme this is the only method of learning Truths. Truth undiluted is undigestable to us. This points to what is mentioned about self initiation being the only true intiation. Gurdjieffs writings are not meant to hide knowledge or keep it even from the wrong hands. They are meant to promote real learning and lasting transmitting of information. Throughout All and Everything the human situation is depicted with such art that in reading the work, or engaging in someway with it, can become an act of revelation. Such that the words may become what they refer to through my speaking them. The values or Truth can become realized in my experience, this being understanding. The Work is life, is organic, yet for us this Work seems artificial, a self imposed burden or action. As the Work is life it is ever changing, refining. Therefore it cannot be expressed fully in any singular form or practice, and must be constantly redefined. We can only connect to the organic through the artificial (its representation) but this connection must become living inside us. This enables our experience itself to become our guide and teacher. Gurdjieff talks of producing artificial shocks from oneself. Lastly All and Everything constantly reminds us of our forgetfullness to our essential condition and situation. That we are living beings, subject to all the uncertainty and struggle of life. And this life has so much potential, it can be hell or heaven depending on how we deem it and ourselves, how we relate to all and everything. The same applies to the Fourth way and other teachings; they can become living realities or dead concepts depending on my participation. The essential struggle of man and cause of his suffering, is his displeasure or conflict with the condition and experience of being itself. This produces a reaction in our psyche akin to buffering the discomfort away by making a counterfit or distortive impression of reality. Gurdjieff asserts that only by the strife of confronting oneself and ones position can one attain any aim or real happiness. The Fourth way is the sufi way of no way. In which action is all important not result. For all the cosmological and theological depth of All and Everything, it is a simply message of our struggle to be human. To manifest our individuality in the world in accord with conscience. After all Gurdjieff himself said that he taught that when it rains the pavement gets wet. This is common rational sense. Yet we all think we have this knowledge, and maybe we do, but it is very rare that we actually act according to common sense and reason. In general we act opposite yet are under the illusion of integrity and sanity. Gurdjieff is the master of suggestion. To suggest to someone they may be more than they are, or more to reality than they know, may cause them to realise and become such, at least in some fashion. Gurdjieff brings a new suggestion or active idea for our epoch, which may be simply another form of self calming- a lesser insanity , less harmful doctrine to man and world. It may also contain objective Truth and the way to it. I will only ever know if mister Gurdjieff was a forgivable charlatan or wise sage until it is to late, perhaps i may never know. One thing is for sure, his ideas are potent stuff and can evoke deep reactions in ourselves. There may be no getting of Gurdjieffs work, or indeed no getting of life, but there may be something to get out of life and Work. All i need is a reminder, a nudge towards the awesomeness of life and experience for a new contact and relation to be made with my own act of being. This can enrich and inspire me spiritualise me. Teachings such as the Work involve the whole of us, our quintessence, and thereby serve as a link between man and God. They are a remembering of Divinity in existence. It is as if the Teaching and ideas suffer existence in Time and its disordering affects, in order to keep alive the connection between creator and created or whole and part. This relates to Gurdjieffs view of the devil being necessary to the process of creation and a constant reminder by his presence. Creation involves sacrifice and struggle. It is its fuel, as well as joy. The problem comes down to transforming my experience in a subjectivly productive way. Being able to transform or transcend the negative tendencies of my mode of experience. Enabling me for effective action. The Work itself is not in the exercises and knowledge itself, but these are means into the Work, an action on a higher or whole level. Gurdjieff may be a fitness instructor, giving us work outs for our faculties. This gives us psychic and physical health and also added potential, not to mention richness of experience. The human can become an Eternal value by his actions towards self fullfilment and active participation in life. He may add to the richness of creation and may ease his own, others and perhaps even the creators sorrow by coming to accept his Being. His mutual relationship with life and existence. Sin is missing the point the meaning, the value, the life. It is the lost potential, the unlived life, the unloved love. Through such teachings and work i can cry all my tears and laugh all my laughter. These are just my wandering thoughts. Hope they may interest you or others of our young generation. Be Well
Posted on: Sun, 04 Jan 2015 22:14:35 +0000

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