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A drip irrigation system I experimented this way of drip irrigation system after I found that the drip irrigation system which most people are using by making two holes on a plastic bottle does to work for me. Usually, two holes are made in a plastic bottle, one at the top and the other at the bottom. The air pressure from the top hole forces water out of the bottom hole. But in the beginning the water flows fast then after reaching half it stops and have to be operated manually. I tried to make holes smaller but it did not bring the outcome that I was looking for. I wanted something where the water was supposed to be DRIPPING not FLOWING, right from beginning to finish. So that I can water my plants twice a week and soil should be moist all the time. The air in the bottle is the reason, why the water flows continuously. When it did not work for me, I thought that I want air to enter the bottle like drip so that drip can come out of the bottle. Slow air in means slow water out. Using this concept, what I did is, I made just one hole at the bottom of the of the plastic bottle and tightly closed the cap. Now the secret is this cap controls the air pressure and inlet, outlet of air and water. When I open the cap the water starts flowing fast, when I half close the cap then air also gets blocked and water starts dripping. This way I close the cap some more to slow he speed of the dripping. This way I can control the drips pr second or per minute. Please see the picture for demonstration.
Posted on: Sun, 25 Jan 2015 11:12:54 +0000

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