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A few of you have inquired about my trip to London next week. I will be going with my mom on a girls trip. Actually, my redemption trip...WARNING...its gross. We traveled to Europe together 13 years ago. It was one of my High School graduation presents. We were very excited to tour 10 countries on that trip. We landed in London that first day and traveled straight to our hotel. I was STARVING from the all-day flight and quickly ordered room service. One bite into my Alfredo, I knew something was horribly horribly wrong. Less than an hour later, I was down for the count with the WORST food poisoning Ive ever had. My mom really couldnt do anything to help me so I convinced her to leave me in the room and go and see some sights. She spent the day sight-seeing and I spent the day split between staring into the toilet and sleeping on the bathroom floor. On our last night in England, I managed to get dressed and go out into the public for my last chance at some sight-seeing before we moved on to another country. We were touring St Pauls Cathedral that day and I didnt want to miss it. I remember I was wearing white jeans (horrible decision) and listening intently to our tour guide as she pointed out things around the cathedral. Then I felt it, the urge to vomit...but I couldnt!! Not in St Pauls Cathedral!! With all these tourists walking around, the history...NO. I chewed a handful of travel Pepto Bismol tablets and managed to make my way outside. A cold sweat hit me and I knew I needed to get back to the hotel, STAT. My mom hailed a taxi and put me in it. The taxi driver was the equivalent of a Formula-1 racer. He swerved between cars, drove on the sidewalk, all while watching a small TV in his passenger seat. A true multi-tasker. Meanwhile, I was unrestrained in the back, flopping from left to right each time he made a turn. I was probably green in the face. I know this because when he did finally make eye contact with me, he said OH, YOU NOT THROW UP IN HERE! His commanding words were not enough and I exploded in the backseat. Bright pink vomit all over the cab. All over me. It. Was. Everywhere. He yelled at me but honestly, I didnt care, I was so sick. I paid him and left him sitting in his desecrated cab. Next was the most awkward elevator ride, ever. I tried sneaking in, tried pressing the CLOSE DOOR button over and over but a few guests made their way onto the elevator with me. I smelled and I was covered from head to toe in pink vomit. They just stared at me with a look of shock, confusion, and disgust. I was finally back in my room. I did my best to wash my clothes in the sink of the hotel bathroom. Those white jeans...I couldnt save them. The rest of the trip, I was quite ruined by the whole food poisoning. I wasnt able to really enjoy any of the food. I ate a lot of Pringles, I do remember that. So now you see why I need a redemption trip. If I can manage to see more than St Pauls Cathedral and the hotel toilet, Ill consider it a success.
Posted on: Thu, 09 Oct 2014 02:45:08 +0000

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