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A few weeks ago, following an afternoon of advanced driving skills training, I posted about the concept of there being no such thing as suddenly - more a difference between being awake and asleep. Keeping with the car analogy, many of us get behind the wheel of our lives with no formal training. We just jump in and copy what weve seen other people like parents, siblings, teachers and friends do. We turn the key, grab the wheel, test the floor pedals and lurch off. Since we don’t have a map or even a clear sense of our destination, we drive along guided only by whims, unconscious habits and impulses, vague feelings and intuitions, unclear memories about where weve been before and where we think each street might lead. Unsurprisingly, this approach leads to many of us getting “lost,” and to no small number of “accidents.” Its been my experience that accidents happen when we are not CONSCIOUSLY aligning with what we want. It’s the same with health, financial prosperity, and every other aim or desire. For example, if we give little thought to manifesting good health, it’s easy for us to haphazardly adopt habits and manifest experiences that aren’t very healthy. If we don’t give much thought to manifesting prosperity and we spend our resources carelessly, we’ll probably feel out of control in relationship to money. If we aren’t setting our own direction in life, we tend to get caught up in the direction of those around us. We end up creating our experiences by default, which leads to things we tend to label “accidents.” Often, these just mean we’ve been careless with our vibration. To change this pattern, rather than spending hours trying to understand why something happened, its more important to recognise that we want something different and consciously and deliberately align our thoughts, energy and attention in that direction. Sometimes there is no great lesson behind our experiences. Instead, they’re just flashing road signs that tell us we’re off course, and must pay more attention if we want to safely arrive at the destination we desire.
Posted on: Sun, 24 Nov 2013 09:45:41 +0000

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