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A friend tagged me in a post where Im supposed to give my top 15 movies. I am not a fan of lists but I am a HUGE fan of movies so Ill definitely do this. In no particular order but decided upon because these are the movies I could and have watched countless times :))) 1. Clueless - What 90s girl didnt fall in love with this? 2. White chicks - THAT song. . Schwarzenegro. Enough said! 3. Miss Congeniality - Sanda Bullock at her absolute best! 4.50 first dates - How could you not love this? 5. Shawshank redemption - Best movie ever made for me. 6.Three idiots - Yeah, all is well :) 7. Slumdog millionaire - Jaiho was one of the reasons, hehe 8. Kate and Leopold - Hugh Jackman as a prince! 9. Only you - Robert Downey Jr as Damon Bradley helloooo :) 10. One more chance - She had me at my worst, you had me at my best... Sniff... 11. My best friends wedding - Always takes my breath away :) 12. While you were sleeping - One of THE most romantic movies ever! 13. Serendipity - Who doesnt want a love story like that?? 14. Little rascals - I still memorize Alfalfas letter to Darla. Hahaha! 15. Prestige - Excellent twist and cinematography. Magicians always amaze me :) Thanks for tagging Edda Marie Sastine Advincula! This was fun!:)
Posted on: Thu, 11 Sep 2014 18:01:31 +0000

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