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A little more Ethan you ask? Well ok. if you insist. Excerpt from Intractable Souls, by Tricia Daniels Edited for FB. When Ethan walks toward her with that confident, commanding swagger her stomach bottoms out. Roller coasters were less exciting than being alone with this man. He grins. “Look at you. You’re so beautiful.” Sitting down beside her, he studies her expression. “You look nervous. Like it’s the first time we’ve ever been intimate.” That seems to give him great pleasure. Running his hands along her leg, he makes her pulse quicken. Parting her lips to breathe through her mouth, she tries to ease oxygen into her lungs. “I love the reactions I get from you.” He says, twirling her hair around his fingers before brushing his thumb across her bottom lip. Moving his hand from her thigh to explore the rest of her body, his touch brushes fire across her skin. Holding her chin and tipping it up he claims her lips in one hell of a possessive kiss, adding to the intensity as he parts them to slip his tongue inside. When she shudders in anticipation of what comes next he pulls his lips away to look at her face. He’s intrigued by her reaction to him tonight. It’s driving him wild, feeding into his inner caveman. “Why do you look so nervous, baby? Tell me.” Her brain can’t produce anything but the truth now. The words spill from her mouth unrestrained. “I never know what you’re going to do. One day you’re all love songs and twinkle lights… the next day you’re all about ripping panties and f*cking. I never know what to expect.”
Posted on: Fri, 07 Mar 2014 00:35:30 +0000

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