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A new shocking undercover investigation by Mercy For Animals exposes routine and sadistic animal torture at a Tyson factory farm that supplies pork to Wal-mart. Workers bludgeon, kick, punch and GOUGE THE EYES OUT of mother pigs and repeatedly SLAM THE SCREAMING TERRIFIED BABY PIGLETS ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR UNTIL THEIR SCREAMS END AND THEIR SKULLS COLLAPSE. BOYCOTT WAL-MART - TYSON!!!! The investigation reveals: ✦Workers repeatedly slamming screaming, terrified conscious piglets heads onto the concrete floor until their skulls collapse. Left to suffer and slowly die in a pool of their blood. ✦Workers ripping out the testicles and slicing off the tails of piglets without anesthesia. ✦Severe bleeding and infections with no care. Injured pigs festering wounds and infections left to suffer. ✦Pregnant pigs confined to filthy, metal crates so small they cant lie down or turn. Share your feelings (and this video) on the Wal-mart Facebook page: ► https://facebook/walmart ============================== SIGN / SHARE THESE PETITIONS TO HELP END THIS HORRIFIC BLOODY ANIMAL TORTURE! ► PET.1 walmartcruelty/#petition ► PET.2 change.org/petitions/stop-this-american-horror-story-tell-walmart-to-stop-torturing-pigs ► PET.3 change.org/petitions/shut-down-west-coast-farms-henryetta-ok-for-extreme-animal-cruelty ► PET.4 https://change.org/petitions/it-s-time-for-walmart-s-board-of-directors-to-stop-the-torture-of-pigs Read more on Wal-Mart / Tyson cruelty here: ►walmartcruelty/learnmore.php =============================== This is not the first exposure of sadistic torture at Tyson factory. This is disgusting and unacceptable. Wal-mart, Tyson and their customers should be ashamed to let this continue. ► More footage of the hidden cost of the Wal-mart pork industry here: ▬►walmartcruelty/ A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation reveals shocking cruelty to animals at Wal-mart pork suppliers. Workers hit, throw, and drop mother pigs and their baby piglets. ►youtu.be/-KoVAkgPexU May 8, 2012 Shocking Animal Cruelty at Tyson Foods Supplier Undercover video footage at Wyoming Premium Farms revealing egregious cruelty and filthy conditions at a Wyoming pig breeding facility owned by a supplier for Tyson Foods. ►youtu.be/bNY4Fjsdft4 Jan 30, 2012 The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) investigated two of the top five pork producers in the US, one of them being a direct supplier of pork to Wal-mart, to find the ugly truth behind the gestation crate system and the misleading quality standards and animal welfare commitments from the industry. ►youtu.be/IvTlB8L2CDk Jul 17, 2012 Shocking Video: Walmart Pork Supplier Caught Abusing Pigs a new Mercy For Animals investigation revealing blatant animal cruelty at a Walmart pork supplier. See the secretly recorded video. ►youtu.be/T83ewTeF5wY Jun 27, 2011 Concealed Cruelty - Pork Industry Animal Abuse Exposed A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation provides a shocking look into one of the nations largest pork producers -- Iowa Select Farms in Kamrar, Iowa. At this factory farm, mother sows and their piglets are forced to suffer brutal abuse and lives of unrelenting confinement and misery. ►youtu.be/jBR4FlrWVk4 BOYCOTT WAL-MART - TYSON!!!! -------------------------------------------------------------- IF YOU WISH TO SIGN THEM ALL IN ONE TIME PLEASE GO INSIDE THIS LINK: TOTAL:28 PETITIONS! GO HERE: ▬▬►https://facebook/photo.php? fbid=310022962461470&set=a.110440022419766.11614.100003613067737 IF YOU WISH TO SIGN THEM IN 3 TIMES GO TO THESE 3 LINKS: -12 PETITIONS HERE: ▬▬►https://facebook/photo.php? fbid=349976945132738&set=a.110440022419766.11614.100003613067737 -9 PETITIONS HERE: ▬▬▬►https://facebook/photo.php? fbid=349979558465810&set=a.110440022419766.11614.100003613067737 -9 PETITIONS HERE: ▬▬▬►https://facebook/photo.php? fbid=349997675130665&set=a.110440022419766.11614.100003613067737
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