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A random discussion with Shivani Shah led her to nominate me for the #allclassesattending challenge. The awesomely concerned friend that she is, she especially made that challenge up for me. But because I love you guys, Im not gonna let you stay deprived of it. Srushati Vashishtha Nirjari Desai Sushil Jethmalani Gaurav Lakhwani Nishit Raj Yogesh Tiwari Amrapali Ambegaonkar Ryan Fernandes Drishti M Trivedi Riya Shirke and you too Shivani, I nominate you guys. Before you start arguing about the demerits of attending lectures, let me tell you that there is no such thing. As clichéd as I might sound, attending a PS lecture for the next one month, atleast 5 times a week could give you upto 15 marks more. And its calculated! Let me explain. There is one icecream for each of us, from each teacher. Some teachers choose to give it directly in your hands. Others, however, prefer hiding it in a box for you to find. But the catch here is they keep the box right in front of your eyes. These teachers demand a liiittle more hard work from us, to say that you need to look for the icecream inorder to have it, but be assured its there! Enough for everyone. Now, only a fool would not look inside the opaque box for the icecream when the teacher places it in front of him. Were bigger fools right now. We know the icecream stands inside the box and yet were not opening it, for reasons best known to us. If youre still not following, let me give MY icecream in your HANDS. I use icecreams here as a metaphor for questions-which-might-come-in-exams, and hence, marks. And the stick beneath the ice and the cream and the chocolate is, knowledge. So, after you finish eating your icecream (attending lectures and sorting PYQPs), youd be left with the knowledge that the teacher imparted to you. Coming back to my point. There are no demerits. And not having sufficient merits is no defence, its always better than what you do sitting at home or at the canteen or in front of your laptop at ccd, sleeping, playing cricket in the baju wala maidan, texting, facebook-ing (they should really make this a word now) or just lying in the bed staring at the ceiling trying to figure the meaning of life, like me. Unless youre sitting in the library, you HAVE TO take this challenge up. Why? Because love you guys I do, as Shivani loved me enough to make this challenge up :) PS- its not necessary for you to nominate others, but important for you to take it up. PPS- whoever attends every lecture for a month gets a treat from those who couldnt.
Posted on: Sat, 24 Jan 2015 08:37:47 +0000

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