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A short story of modern family life October 19, 2014 at 11:33am SNAKE IN HOME SURROUNDING The man did not even scream a little, perhaps he could not imagine of the incident; the viewers shivered in fear as they saw him tumbling on the large elephant-like stone beneath a few hundred yards from the peak of the mountain where a very old saint had been dwelling since his present life began. The people who used to come to fill their heart with his transcendent magnanimous maxims saw him tumbling down on an elephant-like stone from that stone again fell down wards of the mountain and disappeared in any notch covered with bushes of unknown herbs. A clamour roared, all were shouting and suggesting, yet doing nothing; indeed nothing was to do. Some young came on the peak to enjoy either romance or adventure, few among them tried to look below where the man might stop in the valley, if there was any possibility to go there. A middle-aged pious woman came to an extreme space of the peak, looked below blankly, and asked the young who had in plan to climb down, “Are you really unable to go? In the name of God, I say you have the power to help the unlucky man.” One of the young in effort looked at the talking woman, smiled and said, “It is very hard suddenly to follow the track down to that notch. I think the man ridiculously fell down what we cannot imagine.” The other of companions of his suggested, “We should make an arrangement as soon as possible to fetch the wounded man for saving his life if he is alive at all.” “That is true, but if he is dead then who will be here to narrate the incident to the police? Rather it is better to inform the police from a public call booth, they will call a rescue team.” Another advised. A very old said, “Yes, it is difficult to reach where the injured person is, besides, it may create another unwanted accident”. A young among their group, just like a mountaineer, started to climb down to the way with an exceptional skill. Advises were as if raining uselessly from the men collected at a safe place of the peak. Some of the gathering was nodding their head. That young was being small to smaller as far as he was climbing down. One slim feeble man came running and said with gasping that he informed the police on phone, “Police is telling to stay us here for correct information”. Police came then with all arrangements even a generator for producing electricity if light would be in need— rescue team from Paramilitary Force, ambulance, stretcher and a medical team reached just after the police arrived. Most of the human beings, came to fill their heart with the saint’s transcendent magnanimous maxims, cleverly went away from the place calmly for their conscience for enjoying peace. Police started to enquire of the mishap, “who were nearer to the man?” casted the question aiming the small gathering. Silence answered him. “Who saw him to tumble”? He asked in tender voice. A young amateur photographer replied, “I saw him falling when I was adjusting my camera to take a shot and trying to avoid his image as I wish to take an environment with natural beauty”. “Where is the actual spot the man has fallen down from? Was anybody beside him? How many persons were nearer to him”? The police asked. A hump-hubbub began. One fat dwarf glabours man, blunt-snub nose and corpulent lips came forward, keeping his hands in his trousers pockets said, “I, with my wife, sat here (spot indicated to police men), he was there on that stone and drinking from his water carrier. We were enjoying our talking about personal affairs. Suddenly saw him to tumble; we stood up in fear, nothing to do, saw him dropped keeping his face to the sky on that elephant like stone beneath almost a few hundred yards and I could not see anything there after”. “What is your name, address and phone number? Where is your wife?” He asked. He took a reporting note concealing his smile. A woman with sharp nose, golden hair, good looking ,proportionately long ears, large blue eyes and rosy attractive thin lips with above five feet height appeared in front of the police officer, she looked like very clever and ambitious. The police chief asked her, “Are you Mr. Hume’s wife? What is your profession, please?” “Yes. My husband is a scientist and an owner of an engineering college besides he has abundant wealth that is inheritance. I am his house wife.” She said. The officer became surprised and he had to suppress his laughter. All were looking at the tenuous woman. The young who climbed down to help the man tumbled, called with an indicating voice. The rescue team began to climb down through ropes tied up with two trees before this indicating voice of the young. Wireless phone rang; officer received the situation report and ordered his assistant to record the mobile phone numbers and names of the persons present. The assistant recorded the numbers with names but did not mistake to judge those by dialling one by one. All the persons signed on a paper, as they were witness of this mishap. On talking, the officer was gloomy and ordered the listener “Lift the man as it is. Medical treatment and report is the last word.” The sun is about to set spreading blood-red colour on the clouds; an ice covered mountain peak, in front of this peak probably few kilometre away, turning like an enormous golden crown. A strange silence appeared with dumb dim darkness in that higher space from the sea where waves come with ardent aspiration and disappear again in salty deepness for such reappearing. After almost two hours, Police cordoned an area to keep the injured man and medical team became alert. Other persons were eager to know if he had life yet. Four men of Paramilitary Force laid down the blood-bathe body on a stretcher. His skull, which smashed to smithereens, lost some part of his brain in unknown mountain notch covered with hard, dry and lifeless stones. Blood came out through his nose, mouth and ears. Sensitive civilians could not look at him more than once. It was really a horrible sight. Medical team declared him expired. Yet medical team for post-mortem report would tear his body again. Police officer searched his body and garments, from which he received a mobile phone, some sleeping tablets, some money and an envelope except any letter, but the written address with the seal of post office was very needful to them. Officer made a list of articles and persons present there signed as witness. Officer took the height of the body, description of garments and general looks of the body and height of the spot from where his body was rescued. Officer asked the assistant about age of the corpse, but he himself told and recorded, “Approximate seventy.” Assistant replied, “Rightly sir, indeed, not more than that”. All went as the deep darkness appeared all over the peak with extremely chill breeze. Even deep darkness devoured the saint’s house at the peak now, as there was no ray of light in sight. Entire family is busy in full swing for an amazing arrangement because of the first birthday ceremony of first extremely desired child of the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Tennyson. After twelve years of marriage the baby has appeared, so a divine delighted ceremony for all friends and relatives are to arrange on next Sunday. It is Monday; family members have decided it just last night as Mrs Tennyson requested all. She has really a new life with the child who smiles to make her smiling and chattering. The family of Mr. and Mrs Tennyson is not large; they live in a huge palace built by Mr. Tennyson with his intension to dwell here with his sons, sons’ wives and grand children because he felt his parents’ agony for him. His father’s only son is Mr. Tennyson, and his father lived in a remote village with his mother but he was compelled to go to the capital city for his service and then business for which he is successful to educate properly his three sons who are in the post of top ranks. Yet they all are in service of different company in this capital city and live in this palace with their wives. Eldest son Steep and his wife Pretty are with two sons—Samuel and Philip, second son Bravo and his wife Angela are with one son—Roger and a daughter, Rosy; his youngest son Gems and his wife Laurel are with their only new born baby named Diamond, that name being the first gift to him from the old grandmother. Mr. Tennyson, his friends call by name Mr. Tension, is now naturally in tension for proper arrangement of birthday celebration. He has spent all his money to educate his sons and to build his huge house; he and his wife begin to consult now and then. Mrs Tennyson tells him, “Steep is very good nature liberal and generous, He has knowledge of many things what you don’t know. I’m proud of him; he must help a greater part of expense, he earns a five figure salary, Pretty also is in a high rank.” “But you do perceive he is slightly afraid of Pretty who is extremely avaricious person, she will not agree perhaps for expenses.” Saying it, Mr. Tennyson tries to bring her in reality. “No, no, she has spent enough in her brother’s marriage ceremony; she presented a highly precious bejewelled necklace to his brother’s wife. Nevertheless Steep is wise and prudent, he will not disregard me”. She consoles herself uttering the statement but her heart feels the truth; she looks in vacuity to her husband who sullenly smiles at her face. “Rather you ask him to spend the money for community hall for four hours in a hotel that will be decorous and captivating. You say Bravo to arrange the titbit and at least a delicious five-kilo gram cake for the ceremony, but say it when termagant Angela will not be present with him though Bravo does not pay heed her. Gems will bear rest of the expenses”. Mr. Tennyson advises her to manage the critical situation thus. Her illuminated soul rays from her face to Mr Tennyson. “It’s a good idea, but I’m a little scrupulous to say myself for helping to celebrate this auspicious moment, I told you to save money for spending in future, requested to curtail luxurious accessories of house for savings to enjoy these days. But you have built an extremely luxurious home spending all unnecessarily”. She admonishes, perhaps suppressing her tears. “You inform them first, later I shall discuss the plan to perform with………” Mr. Tennyson is to stop as his three grand children— Philip, Roger and Rosy reach there with babel and excitement, but none is able to stop Rosy, a bumptious-chit, she is only seven year-old but speaks like an omniscient, sometime creates boredom situation. All they inform their grand-pa, “There’s a Loooong SNaaake in courtyard garden near car parking,” Rosy starts to speak with out punctuation and pause, “We should catch the snake we kill it I drive it away it may bite….” Grand-pa stops her saying “Snake may come anywhere even inside the house or outside the house, we should be careful, many snakes are around us”. “Have you seen many snakes”? Rosy asks. “Yes, sometimes I feel the sound or smell of snakes; I know the presence of snakes by the screaming of the prey caught by snakes. There is one type of snake that bites secretly just like the insect but poison reacts very slowly victim cannot understand and dies. Some snakes like to stay in human residential area. None can drive those out.” Grand-pa informs them, “Keep you away from those snakes as far as possible, they may be poisonous.” They look at their grand-pa with unblinking eyes opened wide. Rosy kisses her dear storyteller grand-pa hugging him on the neck and runs to her cousin-brother Diamond. She knows if her mother returns from beauty parlour of that she is proprietress, she will not allow her to come near Diamond whom Rosy heartily and keenly caresses and touches. She wonders, ‘How he laughs so much charming!’ Grand-ma keeping her hand on the heads of her two grandsons console with caressing, says, “Don’t be afraid, be careful always; go to play.” However, she goes to the spot with Mr. Tennyson if the snake is there. They know snake in this Home Surrounding is true, and fortunately few types of snakes are not poisonous but they bite and create pain and panic, “God knows whether this snake is poisonous, or if there are more snakes in the surrounding.” says Mrs. Tennyson. They feel it with anxiety. Bravo returns from his office a little earlier, seeing his parents there with a piercing vision he asks, “Why are you both waiting here”? He is brilliant with acute sense perception, Rosy is always alert of the sound of her father’s car which she can differ wonderfully, at once she arrives shouting, “ Papa, we saw a real snake there” indicating her forefinger to a bush that is covered with beautiful blue flowers, catching her father’s hand and pulled him, “come with me….” Mr. Tennyson assures him, “There’s nothing, perhaps gone away; therefore we came”. “Then why are you with glumness in face? A faint shadow has afflicted you probably in morose and anxiety. Isn’t it”? Bravo says smiling, but he fears for a supposition if the snake enters in this big house; it is difficult to find and remove it anyway. Mrs. Tennyson “I know you are conscious of your parents, my boy; we are talking about the arrangement of Diamond’s birthday, we should not burden the expenses on Gems only, he has spent enough money in many previous occasions though his income is not so comfortable. If Steep and you help, it will be a wave of delight.” “What shall we have to do”? Bravo looks at his mom who narrates her husband’s planning for expenses of hotel charge and entertaining at a banquet with titbit as usual in birthday ceremony. Lowering his head he looks to earth cautiously where he stood, thinks a while and says, “We shall discuss the matter at evening; don’t say about it to Angela”. Mr. and Mrs Tennyson look at each other’s eyes, become spellbound. Bravo lifts his head and speaks out, “She is to spend more time in her beauty parlour because of her five appointed girls work enough but quarrel more than that. So she is also being cantankerous to control them, I say nothing to her except normal domestic affairs”. “Then customers will avoid the parlour, it is bad, disappointing.” His mom expresses her worry. “No, no. they only advise each other to prove their better skill, the girl who is advised stare irritating and wait to advise again the prior advisor to take revenge upon her. All is always gloomy, customers want a cheerful face of the parlour girl, so that she is to present there always, tries for betterment of their work in all sense.” Bravo explains with smile, adds again, “It’s womanly”. His mom laughs loudly, “Yes, I agree, men are rational sympathetic with their co-workers, most of them are not envious in their place of job.” “No, everywhere there are some persons who are blurt and blarney to their boss-officer for raising to higher grade in service depriving own eligible colleague, it’s human nature”. Bravo says. His father feels pleasure in this perception in Bravo. They all enter talking into house. Rosy keeps unrevealed her wish to walk in garden with father, but pull him into her room for talking over much in this opportunity of her mother’s absence. Mrs Tennyson enters with her husband into his personal reading room; he stood near an open window, looks outside to the pictorial panorama of mountain range covered with dense green forest. Many houses have been built below the mountain valley recently though he chose the place at a time when the capital city was waiting to extend from twenty kilometres. Huge house of Mr. Tennyson, situated beside this forest, now is under city-municipality with all facilities. He has built it with five flats attached four bedrooms each and other luxurious accessories; it has also five guest rooms in symmetry. He built it to enjoy his old age with his family who will live here for this costly convenient house in such Cosmo-polis. Mrs. Tennyson, ‘will you make a plan of the ceremony’? Mr. Tennyson sees dim darkness spreading all over the city, she goes on saying, ‘Rather you talk to them now, otherwise it will be hard to arrange everything.’ ‘You are excessively fussy, Bravo will discuss the matter with Steep, can’t wait till they talk’. Her husband says, he is being a testy day after day. In addition, she sheds tear unnecessarily. Samuel, Philip and Roger are shouting outside the garden, because Philip was not agreeing to be out from bating crease, he does not believe in LBW, bowling is more of a boredom to him. Samuel wishes to bat for short time but deep darkness advancing to stop playing. Therefore, they decide to stop playing for preparation of the next day that is their holiday, school is close for one day after the school’s annual sports. Steep enters into his fathers bedroom after having dinner, says, ‘How are you?’ ‘Oh! You, my boy, I am better than earlier, waiting for you.’ Mr. Tennyson exclaims. ‘I have taken appointment with Doctor Paterson for your routine checkups tomorrow at 8AM, he will not be available thereafter for a month; tell him about your pain inside the head and sleeplessness.’ Steep reminds his father. ‘I think you are a little tensed, are you o k?’ fatherly looks at him in morose. Airily Steep says, ‘Nothing, I, I am extremely fit, rather you are gloomy, do not worry, everything is o k.’ he went away without saying anything about birthday ceremony. It agonize him more again. He has no strength to coerce them except yielding himself to circumstances. As usual, Mrs. Tennyson comes to bid good night to her husband, she looks at his face and enquire of his health, tells him, ‘Have you taken your medicines?’ with out answering; he stamps torridly to bed with a grave face. She is also suffering from chest pain and blood pressure; often forgets to take medicines, daughter in laws with out their ailment, cannot manage time to talk with her who serves them in their ailment personally. Grand sons come to her, as she is really an attractive taleteller, Philip and Rosy come regularly to her in bed to sleep. Today is not an exception, they are with her therefore she left the room until they sleep. She is very concerned of his health in anxiety. Next day Doctor Paterson, after all necessary pathological tests, prescribes for three months with advice to be free from stress and take medicines in time. He suggests if any trouble comes, consult with Dr. T Jones. On the way back home, Mr. Tennyson says ‘Did you have any talk with Bravo last evening?’ Steep, ‘Yes, he was with us, pretty told him to join in her company with a double salary package per annum. She has invested all her money as a share holder in her company where she is now in the post of Project Manager’. Mr. Tennyson, ‘It’s very good, she is efficient enough. I am very glad.’ Steep, ‘But why do you ask me of any talk with Bravo? What did he say?’ ‘No, I told him to talk to you for arrangement of birthday ceremony of Diamond.’ ‘Have you told him something for planning?’ ‘Your mother has suggested him, I also wish it, Bravo knows. He was unable to titillate Pretty and you for consultation about it. He fears Pretty.’ Steep says smiling, ‘She is a scrooge indeed, but she would not reject the proposal though she has nothing to do at present. She is happy with this occasion. She has invited her friends and relatives.’ ‘You know me. You rather discuss with Bravo for expenses of the ceremony. Diamond who is the youngest member in our family is beloved to all’. Steep presses his foot on brake of the car, they stop talking, dense cloud starts rain all around; they arrive home. Samuel and Roger, circumventing Philip for his restlessness, are busy in playing chess. Pretty and Bravo are on the way to office just after gems. Laurel who is on leave with out pay until this month is to decorate her disorderly rooms for ensuing ceremony. Mrs. Tennyson is with Diamond and Rosy is pulling the cradle of diamond with a song in her own set to musical tune. Angela calls Rosy and takes a tiff; she is very tidy in her household performance. Rosy has made a mess on her dressing table, cupboard and books rack. Rosy riles her mother and her grand mother feels joy. Mrs. Tennyson tells Angela, ‘Don’t scold Rosy more, she is a little simple girl, she can not realise so much’. Surprisingly Angela keeps silent herself as Philip informs their returning from doctor’s chamber to his grandma who goes away in anxiety to them with Philips. Cloud pouring heavy shower and darkness in lack of daylight, drowsiness of touching cool air prevent Steep from going office to swig an old French drink. He thinks of his Pretty returning lately at night often a little tipsy that suggests something embarrassing but he pretends and blurts to caress her to conceal his copulation with Laurel. He thinks about Diamond, his responsibility. His reminiscences the first day, he was busy in tipple. Pretty informed she was in a meeting, she would return late. Brother Gems was in foreign tour with his manager. He wished to know if Laurel was o k and came to her who tittered with a suggestive lightening of passion. He entered into her room, ‘Hi Laurel how are you? When Gems will return? What are you doing alone? Hope, all is right.’ Steep likes her modesty, her sweet smile, speaking tune, her strong power to make one her own. This sylph is not teetotal, so he offers her strong drinks in their course of conversation. She sat very near to Steep. She said, ‘Thank you for coming, I am unfortunately alone, if I were a mother I feel the best pleasure in my life.’ Steep put his hand on her head, shoulders to console with adulatory words and caressing. She lifted her face to him; suddenly both of them kissed and lost them until titillate to cuddle, ended with amour extremely secret for the sake of conjugal life, family prestige and social regard. After an hour, Laurel sent him to their room for Pretty. Now rain is continuing with mighty madness, Steep comes to Laurel who stops her working, feels thrill but welcome him. Steep hugs her politely, looks at her face a sear svelte with a beam of illusive attraction, tells her, ‘Keep the money for all expenses of Diamonds birthday. Don’t say anybody.’ Laurel becomes at a loss, tries to say something; but Steep keeps her forefinger on her lips to stop from speaking. Mrs Tennyson watches all on standing behind the door-curtain, returns quickly to her room, feels breathing trouble with chest pain and sweating. She wish to know about Dr. Paterson’s advice for her husband from Steep. Rosy informs her about Steep’s entering here. She seems better to look at something sacred for the auspicious day, but she sees a secret sin which is the root of rejoice and created joy in her family. She is to conceal it until her death. She takes medicines prescribed for her with a sleeping tablet to remove her sudden shock. She falls fast asleep. Mr Tennyson enters into her room, returns as she was in fast sleep but becomes sceptic because he knows she never even lie down in this time. He has to attract notice of their photo that snapshot has taken just after their marriage. He thrills on a glance to the photograph of his wife with him jointly just after their marriage on the top of a bookshelf. It becomes divinely delightful now after a prolonged period, he becomes proud of the images that show him the life even in his seventy year old. In lunch time, he when rouses her from sleep feels she is pale and feeble, yet as she should take her lunch he orders valets and maids to arrange a little soup, some fruits she likes for food at lunch. He scolds his wife, ‘why are you thinking unnecessarily, feel agony to create psycho-physical ailment which I perceive in your appearance’. ‘No, no, it is nothing. This bad weather of this time causes a little problem.’ she says with afflicted trembling voice that suppressed her sorrow but suggests her untold words. ‘I think you should have a medical check up, you have to do a lot, guests will come for the ceremony.’ Mr. Tennyson tells. He decides to tell Bravo to arrange for it tomorrow. While Angela returns in evening with new dresses for each and everybody, she has seen indistinctly a snake while entering the gate, so she has warned of it everybody, even on phone. Darkness appears quickly because of cloudy weather. She knows very well the choice of every member of this family. All these are too costly for wearing in a birthday ceremony. Valets and maids get their gift. None dares to say anything against Angela; she is generous, magnanimous but petulant. If she feels any malice or malign, her mouth turns to crater of indignant rumpus. Bravo calls his brothers with their wives for planning of the ceremony on phone. Therefore, they all join in Gem’s drawing room for consultation. Their father tells them about their mother’s illness, Bravo has an appointment with the physician tomorrow evening. They prepare an approximate expenditure of the birthday ceremony according to the invitation list and charges of community hall in hotel. At first Pretty says, ‘We have invested our money to purchase share in my company. It is now the best profitable company. ’ Gems comments, ‘I am not demanding, you arrange the plan and help me as you can. I only want to honour the invited persons and besides to offer gifts to the children.’ Steep encourages him, ‘Yes, it is our duty for family prestige.’ Bravo says, ‘I shall arrange the titbit and the cake of special type, delicious for all.’ Angela keeps herself calm, Pretty becomes envious in her looks, turns her face to Steep who keeps down his head immediately. Angela smiles at Pretty that is a rare sight. Laurel asks, ‘How much will be the amount of total expenses’? Steep says, ‘we can not properly calculate until we contact with the men concerned.’ Laurel, ‘I have an amount to spend for this ceremony. That is, I suppose enough after brother Bravo’s expenses.’ Steep tells, ‘I shall spend for the rest. No problem.’ Laurel smiles at him, looks at Pretty. The physician advises Mrs. Tennyson to take medicines three times daily instead of two times for one month, there after a surgical operation will be necessary, heart is not functioning properly. The voice of speech, sullen face of physician make Bravo dejected, he begins to blubbering as he bereaved from his mother. All are informed, they are in grief, yet they are to arrange everything. They are receiving the invited guests and children with a smiling face. Mrs. Tennyson is present to pray to God to bless him. She looks at Mr. Tennyson now and then; he seems pale rather detached from the joyous ceremony. He feels all the guests are as it were talking doll with heartless gesture or few of them wandering with attractive musk. He thinks that each man is as well as the planets in their orbit floating alone in the sky that has no beginning, cause or origin and that is endless. They have appeared to boast of themselves that will forget the nature of world like one of the terrible waves of sea. The birthday ceremony ends with the pleasure of all invited guests. Family of Mr. Tennyson returns home. In the morning, Mr. Tennyson calls all family members to see his wife who has breathed her last in her sleep. He is speechless, unperturbed. Everyone begins to bewail for sometime in various manner with a little display in presence of others except her grand children Rosy, Philip and the sons. Physician declares her death in sleep for cardiac failure. Guests from sons’ in laws house and neighbours are collected. Priest arrives for ritual. Body of Mrs. Tennyson gets peaceful shelter in mausoleum. A new corpse is under earth. Mr. Tennyson confines himself to his home. He reads and runs after his collected books of literature, philosophy, essays in different subjects and books of scriptures or different religions but he thinks not all the contexts and sayings are the last word. So the ever ending process of writing is continuing, will continue but the man will not get yet sublime situation of peace in their race. He does not talk to anybody without extreme essentiality, avoid to come in contact even with his family members, grandchildren comes but he does not look at them, as if he is a little suffering from a personality disorder. Valets and house cleaners respect him much; he never behaves crude and coarse with them. However, now everybody is so careful to leave him so undisturbed that if he falls asleep at early night none feels that he will remain hungry whole night. His clothes are not being washed properly; bed and rooms are not being cleaned if any of his sons shouts to the valets. Daughter in laws forget to meet him even once a week, everybody thinks that one of them certainly is taking care of him. It seems to him uncanny a life than his previous life. He after a few months begins to go outside for having fitness and free air, his known environment has changed strangely. Family members are to heave a sigh in relief at this matter. Mr. Bravo Tennyson receives the phone ringing, ‘Hallow, Dad, are you well?’ ‘No, sir, I am from police station.’ the voice says. ‘Do you know this person of this phone number? From it’s contact list, I have got your number. Who are you I’m speaking to?’ ‘Yes, it’s my father’s number.’ Being frightened Bravo says, ‘Mr. Bravo Tennyson speaking. Where is my father?’ ‘Please do come to city hospital. Are you the only son of his?’ police says. ‘No, we are three sons of him. Is he well and good? Is he ill or has he fallen in an accident? We are going as soon as possible. Please do everything to save his life.’ Bravo says in piteous tone, immediately informs Steep and Gems. They all reached hospital, received their father turned to a corpse that has lost his brain in the notch of the mountain under hard dry lifeless stones covered with unknown herbs. L N Misra. (Mumbai, 3rd April 2012) LikeLike · · Share Lakshminarayan Misra To Sweta Chakroborty(a gift) ,Sampa banik, Jinat Islam,Sampa Mondal and frienads 21 mins · Edited · Like LikeLike · · Share LikeLike · · Share Lakshminarayan Misra Thank you respected Jinat Islam for your prudencial remark ,I have used some symbols on religious priest and people , the DWARF is common man in our eyes , lost of the BRAIN is also a symbol ,It is then unnecessary to explain to you. .You have encouraged me to Write more.
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