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A1950s childhood in Moss Side( Bob a job) By David Hulson When you have aunties you did Bob a Job for them first ,they will never refuse you Before I was kicked out of the Cubs , I hope you remember the reasons as Im not going to retell that tale ,(ripped arms and flagpoles ) its to painful for me to go back to that point in history, Anyway I was a happy little soul ,skipping everywhere ,while my brother kept hitting my arm as I skipped. If you keep doing that hed say ,Ill hit you even harder next time. So there I was sat in the wolf cub pack ,in a circle on the wooden floor of the Methodist Church Hall on Great western street, We had just finished our Dib Dib Dibbings , when the scout master stepped forward , right lads ,Bob a job week is almost here Ive got the stickers here he said waving them in the air, so when youve finished a job you give a sticker to the person whos house it is so they can put the sticker in the window ,so they wont be bothered again. So heres your stickers he said as he passed them out to all of us, and remember to wear your uniform , Dib Dib Dib he said . Dob Dob Dob we replied. Do the masons have to say all this daft stuff as well So what have you got there said mum. Stickers ,its Bob a Job week I replied What you work for a Bob said mum !............Id like to see that. not even bothering to take the time to look up while reading the news paper in his comfy chair near the fire , the only time our David will do anything , is when Nelson gets his eye back said Dad. my dad was always coming out with these daft remarks The next day bright and early ,I meet up with Alan and Eric , and we were all in our uniforms . So what do we do said Eric ,I dont know , me neither said Alan , so we sat on our front door step scratching our heads and looking out our stickers. Eventually ERIC had a brilliant idea , Ill go to your house ,and you Dave go to Alans house , and Alan will go to mine said Eric , how can our Mums refuse us said Alan. So off we went. Hello aunty Joyce I said as she answered the door. If you want Alan hes out at the moment she said . Oh heck ! Its Bob a job week and I was wondering if......... Bob a Job week ,alright you can cut the back privet hedge she said ,go into the garden and Ill get the clippers for you. Here you go David said aunty Joyce returning and giving me the clippers, would you like a glass of orange juice and a piece of angel cake. Oh thank you Aunty Joyce ,I said. An hour passed like magic ,so quick woooosh all done Aunty Joyce I said as I gave her the clippers back. Aunty Joyce looked at the hedge and said thats a ......good job ,heres your shilling David. Thank you Aunty Joyce I said and heres your job done sticker . Thank you David Ill put it in my windows she said as I left. tomorrow I thought , Ill do Aunty Marys but only when her boys are out ,I know Barry and Gary will make fun of my uniform and especially my Woggle , On returning home I saw the Job done sticker in the front window of our house. Im back Mum I shouted as I closed the door . Youve missed Eric she said , hes just gone ,now go and get changed tea in ten minutes . Okay Mum I said as ran up the stairs two at a time ,turned right and into my bedroom. Mum wheres my clothes I shouted . What day is it she shouted back . Wednesday ,I shouted back to her . And what do I do every Wednesday she shouted . I thought for a moment , ........the weekly wash I shouted back down to her . still in my Cubs uniform I went back down stairs, so where are all my clothes I said . Blame Eric she said . Why. I said to Eric as part of his Bob a Job , bring down any dirty clothes you find in Davids room ,for the wash, and he did, and before I could stop him he threw then in the boiling tub for washing . And he spent the day helping me, so all youre clothes are on the line . After cutting the hedge at Aunty Joyces, My clothes smelt a bit , so that night I had to slept in the nuddie , Next day still in my uniform I waited for Alan and Eric on our door step. What the hell did you do shouted Alan as he came into sight. What do you mean I said . You ruined our privet hedge ,first I had to get the step ladders to level of the top with help from me Dad, then I had to pick up all the clipping up that you left and put them in a bin. Ah stop moaning , because of ERIC I said I havent got any other clothes to wear because there all wet. So wheres Eric today said Alan. Not seen him I said . It was at least two hours later before Eric turned up . Dont say a word he said,as he sat down and gave a sideways look at Alan, guess who lost a ten Bob note going to the co-op for shopping ,and then asked my mum for a shilling for a Bob a Job sticker. And Bread and dripping is all Ive had to eat since yesterday. It was an accident said Alan. That was the last time we ever did Bob a Job Mum I shouted is the washing dry yet,
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