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AMERICAN PEOPLE CONTROL YOUR GOVERNMENT! American citizens your Country has a lot of resources to go ahead, you have lot of money, have good territory, have a lot of science and very good Scientists. You do not need more take the territory of other countries, they resources, kill their people with lies. Americans the times have changed, all the people of the world and countries are more prepared to defend themselves, your government do not need to steal arab’s oil to go out of the economical and financial crisis. You can do it for yourselves, you have a lot of resources. Your government want to steal Arabs’ oil, that will have a lot of problem in all the world, for this your government is very irresponsible, they do just what they want, they do not take into account to nobody. Your government with these could provoke a nuclear war and the country most attacked will be yours and Israel. The most probably is that you will lose this universal war, where could died at least half of the worlds’ people, for that you must fight against your government to go back in their idea to steal the oil to other countries. You must think about the poor children and people in the Middle East, how they lost their families, children, properties, happiness, love when your government destroy all these countries only for the oil… You must stop your government to avoid the Nuclear War. You could save your happiness, life, a lot of richness, future progress, if your country do not go to war constantly, people of the world, THE TIMES HAVE CHANGED, AMERICAN PEOPLE HELP YOURSELVES AND SAVE THE WORLD and mainly your people and Country! American People do not permit Obama to do another War, now against Syria.
Posted on: Sat, 31 Aug 2013 22:32:03 +0000

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