ATTENTION ALL ~ Café KOKO SAMOA ~ MEMBERS IN NEW ZEALAND ISADORA SCHMIDT NEEDS YOUR HELP. PLEASE CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO CAST YOUR VOTE AND HELP THIS SAMOAN SISTER WIN THE AMP PEOPLES CHOICE SCHOLARSHIP. PLEASE SHARE THE LINK TO YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS IN NEW ZEALAND. Here is the message we received from Isadora. Lets help Isadora get that Scholarship. Talofa Cafe Koko Samoa team, Just wanted to kindly ask if you can help me out please? Im a Bachelor of Business student at AUT here in Auckland and i applied for a scholarship, which the winner is based on the applicant with most votes.. it closes on the 13th Oct (21more days). Its also restricted to NZ ip addresses only. So only ppl with in NZ can vote.. Just wanted to ask, can you please help out a Samoan sister and daughter by sharing my link on your page and encouraging people with in NZ to vote for me please ? The scholarship is called AMP Peoples Choice and there were 856 applicants.. out of this 856, there are only less than 20 Samoans who applied, and Im so greatfull to be one of them.. however I do need the votes and support so that I can make my way up to the top 5 and stay there inorder to secure my chance of winning.. This opportunity means so much to me because it would mean my parents will not have to worry about trying to find finance for me when I go to complete my International Business major overseas in 2015.. your help and support will greatly be appreciated and admired Thank you so much Team for taking the time to read and hope to hear from you soon. Manuia le aso ma galuega o loo totoe. Faia ma le faaaloalo tele lava, Isadora Schmidt.
Posted on: Wed, 24 Sep 2014 03:35:03 +0000

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