AWAKE! To The True Name OF GOD THE MESSAGE OF ELIJAH THE TEACHINGS OF BISHOP DAVID HILL/THE LORD ELIJAH.PLEASE LISTEN TO OUR GOSPEL ON [email protected] --- the keys to understanding is listening to the message below. The work of Elijah is to restore all things (Mal.4:5-6; Isa.58:6-14; Isa.62:2; Isa.61:4; 2nd Chron.24:19-20. Those who stand in these last days MUST be in the SPIRIT AND POWER OF ELIJAH (Luke 1:16-17,some who do not understand the Bible say John The Baptist was Elijah, (St. Matthew 11:10-15, but John The Baptist was not Elijah. Let us ask John The Baptist. Let us read in St John 1:19-21,And this is the records of John,When the Jews sent Priest and Levites from Jerusalem to ask him,Who art thou? And he confessed,And denied not: but confessed, I am not the Christ, and they asked Him, what then? Art thou Elias?And He saith. I am not. Art thou that prophet? And he answered no. Did you read it? I AM NOT. “AND ELIJAH SAID UNTO ALL THE PEOPLE, COME NEAR UNTO ME.AND ALL THE PEOPLE CAME NEAR UNTO HIM. AND HE REPAIRED THE ALTAR (True Worship) OF THE LORD THAT WAS BROKEN DOWN.” 1st Kings 18:30. The House of Israel makes that same cry today. “If the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do? (Ps.11:3; Daniel 9; 25; Psalm 127:1; Isaiah 61:4-6). CHANGING THE TRUTH OF GOD INTO A LIE- Rom.1:25; Jer.10:14-16; Ps 119:126. It should be evident to anyone that through time and tradition, observances change, are added to, and also lose some of what they first had. This is especially true of the worship originally practiced in the Bible. Our primary goal as true should be to return to fundamental truths, like the true name of the Savior. THE NAME OF GOD ST John 17:3 If you are one who claims a personal acquaintance with the Almighty, are you certain that you really know his name? (prov.30:4; Isa. 52:6; Zep.3:9) Do you know his name? We read in the Bible about a people going to church, worshiping the unknown God.(Act 17:23). This name must be revealed to you, (Matthew 11:27). The true name of Israel was Never, Never, Jesus. Among the many reasons that both “Jesus” and “Jehovah” are erroneous is he simple fact that they begin with the letter ‘J,’ the most recent letter added to our English alphabet. The Savior’s name could not begin with the letter ‘J’ because it did not exist when he was born- not even a thousand years later! The Encyclopedia Britannica’s 11th Edition, Under ‘J’ Offers This Proof. Christianity has so thoroughly immersed the world in the error of this tradition for the past 500 years that few even think that the Hebrew Savior is called by a Latinzed Greek name that could not possibly have existed at the time he walked the earth. It is a name that would have been completely foreign to him and his Hebrew mother. ‘J’, the tenth letter lf the English alphabet, is the youngest of the 26 letters. The great majority of English words beginning with ‘J’ are of foreign origin, as “Jaundice,” or “Judge.” Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia (1979) Edition, Volume 14, gives us some news you need. Take special note that there is no letter equivalent to ‘J’ in Hebrew or Greek alphabets, even today. “Therefore, my people shall know my name.” (Isa.52:6; Mal. 2:1-2). You must know the name of our Savior, (St. John 17:3; Isa.43:7). His name is not Jesus. We read in St John 5:43, “I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not. If another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.” The name of the Father was never Jehovah. The name of the Son was never Jesus. The following reasons clearly show why the names are “false.” 1. There is no letter ‘J’ or equivalent in Hebrew. 2. There is no letter ‘J’ or equivalent in Greek. 3. There is no letter ‘J’ in English until about 500 years ago. Scholars know that Jehovah could never be the name of the Heavenly Father. Aside from the error with the letter ‘J’, this word has other problems. Even the Catholics, who have been given the distinction of inventing the word “Jehovah,” know it is not the Father’s name. Note what the New Catholic Encyclopedia (1967) says under “Yahweh” judging from Greek transcriptions of the sacred name, YHWH ought to be pronounced “Yahweh.” The pronunciation Jehovah was unknown in ancient Israel, and is based upon a later misunderstanding of the scribal practice of using the vowels of the word Adonai with the consonants of YHWH. In the end time the Priesthood of the House of Israel will declare the new name of the LORD in Zion, the Spirit of God (Elijah) is upon the House of Israel, (Ps.102:21-22; Ezk,39:29). But someone will ask, “Does God have a new name? (Rev.19:12; Rev.2:17; Rev.3:12).My new name in Psalms 68:4, we see the word JAH, the wrong spelling. The right word is YAH, the full name. For more information please call- 592-676-6798,219-0430,231-5546, after reading please SHARE.
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