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About ULAB The University Laboratory School & College is one of the few educational institutions of the country that were able to spread education among all the sections of the students of our society. Many of us including the students & teachers do not know the real story of the birth of this institution. This is because the inception of this school is a bit different compared to others. The seed of this school was sown in March, 1964 with the KG and Class One which has, now with the passage of time, become a vast tree. In order to introduce higher training in the education sector, an accord was concluded between the then Pakistan government and the Colorado State University of the U.S.A. for establishing the Institute of Education and Research (IER). In the western part of the IER building, Mrs. Gunning, an American teacher, started the working of this school which paved the way to operate the Teachers Training Programme of the IER. Then in April, 1965 the school was raised from KG to Class V as a primary school. The Home Room activities were started from this year. An American consultant and supervisor named Edgar E. Fielder, was in the overall responsibility of the school. Mr Fielder continued his service upto 1965. Three other dedicated personalities were there to assist him. They were Mrs. Gunning, Dr. Jackofron and Dr. Ottis Coffey. Actually the school had its palmy days from 1965 to 1969 because of combined co-operation and selfless love of all for the institution. The steady and conspicuous progress has brought the school to present glorious name and fame. The S.S.C examinees of this school took part in the public examination for the first time in 1971. One of them secured his position in the national merit list. The college section was opened in July 1975 and the students appeared in the H.S.C examination in 1977 for the first time. They were all in Science group. Although it was a bit late, the H.S.C Commerce and Humanities groups were opened in July 1998. The students of this institution performed gloriously in every national examination. Their success was really enviable for many others. Generally hundred percent students come out successfully both in S.S.C and H.S.C examinations. This school enjoys the credit of producing innumerable famous personalities and intellectuals of the country. The students of this school have been advancing equally in co-curricular pities along with their search for knowledge. They have remarkable achievements in games and sports, singing, dancing, painting etc. Since the inception of the school, our students have been marching ahead in all sectors like the Inter-school Quiz Competition, debating contests arranged by the Bangladesh Shishu Academy, Nazrul and Rabindra Jayanti and the Ekushey Alphabet Writing Competition etc. The institution has promising future like its glorious past. Source: Ulab Official Web Page ulabdu.edu.bd/about.php
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