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◕About the video:Chinese superstar Li Bing Bing encourages consumers to look for This video-spot is part of a UNODC-led campaign highlighting the various aspects of wildlife organised crimes(Also published on CNN) ✦Background: Each year, while countless species are driven closer to extinction, criminals generate billions of dollars from the sale of protected wildlife products. ◕To generate awareness and action around this illegal and unethical business, UNODC have teamed up with Chinese actress and UNEP Goodwill Ambassador Li Bing Bing to produce a brand new UNODC public service announcement. Were asking YOU to speak out against wildlife crime: share this video as far and wide as possible and join us as we sayWildlife crime: Dont be part of itRead more here: bit.ly/1s1hmZU ✦PLEASE TAKE ACTION TODAY BY SHARING THIS SHORT VIDEO FOR AWARNESS AND SIGNING THESE PETITIONS AGAINST WILDLIFE CRIMES: ◕For Bushmeat: ►on.fb.me/1o42Vpx ◕For Rhinos: ►on.fb.me/1zLhdOD ◕For Elephants:►on.fb.me/1qIptcH ◕For Pangolins:►on.fb.me/1sib1dx ✦Watch also this informative video about Wildlife & Forest crimes on My Youtube Channel here:►youtu.be/PB4KVtYGAek Thank You all~ Tony Zadel
Posted on: Sun, 03 Aug 2014 19:12:24 +0000

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