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‘Adopt business approach to football’ FIFA regional administration instructor Henry Tandau has urged the local game’s administrators to take a business approach to football if they are to effectively administer the game in the country. Tandau is in the country for a week-long Fifa Member Association Administration and management course, which is currently underway at the Zifa Village in Mt Hampden. Tanzanian national Tandau is conducting the course together with fellow Fifa instructor and Premier Soccer League chief executive Kenny Ndebele. Tandau told the participants that football administration matters were similar across the world but it is the trends which had differed and the locals needed to also move with the times. “Football matters should now be taken as a business and seriously as there are several changing trends in soccer administration. “In Zimbabwe there are resources but it is important to know how we can generate more revenue through the resources when invested in soccer. Revenue generation is an important aspect for any project so we will highlight how best we can do that,” Tandau said. The workshop will also take a look at how best Zimbabwe football can brand itself so that promoters can come on board. “For Zimbabwe, there is so much support for the sport and the infrastructure is there so it is important that soccer is managed properly. There are quite a number of industries and it is important that we draw good proposals and work together with the corporate world in promoting soccer. “There is politics in everything and football is not spared but our aim is to educate each other on how to handle such situations. There must be separation of duties and responsibilities so as to see the sport improve,’’ Tandau said. Speaking on the behalf of the guest of honour, Aisha Tsimba, the sports commission head of business and marketing Daniel Kuwengwa said education is important in the administration of football. “Education plays a vital role in sports administration and I commend Zifa for taking a deliberate effort to ensure that football administration improves through capacity development of several office bearers,’’ Kuwengwa said. “Administrators should be well versed with national statutes and be able to provide estimates of income and expenditure, annual reports, financial statements, failure to appreciate protocol and comply with own constitution. We commend the good job which Zifa is doing and we believe the core business which is football development at all levels is not left out. “The way local football is being administered should tally with the long journey we have travelled as we celebrate 50 years,” Kuwengwa said. The course has brought in members of staff from the Zifa secretariat, Zifa provincial and regional chairpersons, as well as representatives of Beach Soccer, Five-A-side, Women’s football and the National Association of Secondary School Heads. A medical doctor and a member of the referees’ committee will each present a paper on sports medicine and the laws of the game respectively while the participants will also go through such topics like human resources management, club management and the effective management of events.
Posted on: Thu, 06 Jun 2013 06:07:05 +0000

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