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After a friend of mine has been working a lot with this charity I was recently made aware of the work they do and well must say its touched my heart! I want to also help make awareness and show my support and help this charity to raise money to continue the work they do - saying goodbye is a charity that helps give support to the parents and familys that lose their special babies- whether it be from early pregnancy, further on pregnancy, new born or early years. My brother was sadly taken from my mum & dad at 5 months and I cant begin to imagine how difficult this was for them and I too have lost a baby! I found this time very distressing, heart wrenching and well basically why?? So here it is: Ive decided I want to do a charity sky dive on the 15th of February and hoping to jump to represent a 1000 babies that have been taken through miscarriage or still birth- I know a lot of people like myself have had to experience such heart ache or know someone that has! So Id be so grateful if you could donate to my donating page using your debit card or paypal a donation no matter how big or small you too will be helping to make a difference! My target £500 :) So far at £147 :) Donate following this link and please spread the word :)
Posted on: Thu, 14 Nov 2013 12:43:54 +0000

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