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Albert August 1, 2013 at 8:10 am - Reply "The Lagos State Government said yesterday that the 72 people ‘deported’ to Onitsha, Anambra State last week constituted a nuisance. Controversy has been trailing the government’s action." The Sun 1 August 2013. Below is a response to Lagos state; "Any Yoruba against the Nigerianization of Lagos can go to hell, because Lagos cannot have both ways. Igbos must confront ill treatment, discrimination and humiliations that they suffer in Nigeria. And that is to defend by any means necessary the artificial one- Nigerianism as long as the project called Nigeria whether in truth or in falsehood continues to emphasize that we are one Nigeria. Igbos must be prepared to either effectively relocate to the East when and if it becomes necessary or they must stand their ground, defend and protect themselves by any means when and if it become necessary to do so. Every part of Nigeria is Nigeria and Igbos, rich and poor like any other group has the constitutional right to live everywhere anywhere within the Nigeria territory. Great men, nations are neither made from among the timid, the weakling, the peaceable, the pacifist nor from among the awols. Rather great men and nations are made from among the fearless, the courageous and from among those who would stand their ground when ordinary men and nations takes flight. So, as long as the song of one Nigeria mantra is being sang Igbos must prepare to defend in Lagos, Kano, north, south, east, and west, this none melodic but empowering song of One Nigerianism. Today Nigerians are assigned citizenship or indigene-ship base on tribe, language, and or on the divisive indigenous laws in the states that says an Igbo man born in Lagos state is not an indigene of the state just because he has an Igbo blood even if he neither speaks Igbo nor ever set foot on south east soil. If Kaduna Nzeogwu was correctly seen and identified as a Nigerian first, a northerner second and then, may be, may be as an Igbo, the July 1966 revenge coup, the pogrom that followed culminating to the fratricidal civil of 1967 to 1970 would have been completely averted. QED In Nigeria today nobody knows the indigene-ship or state citizenship of a Nigerian with Igbo father, Hausa mother and Hausa paternal grandfather and Yoruba paternal great grandfather. The confusion in the citizenship of this individual is because unlike most country in the world where residency and individual volition are the bases for assigning state, regional, provincial citizenship, Nigeria uses tribe, language, and or paternity to assign citizenship. The oddity and absurdity of this Nigeria system is that it fosters divisiveness among the citizenry; it makes a Nigerian a stranger in his or her home country if he or she speaks, and or possesses a genome that is not local or indigenous to his or her place of residence. This strict ethnic classification in Nigeria is principally responsible for persistent mistrust, disunity, rivalry, wars, tribal conflicts, and pogrom in the Nigeria society. If every Nigerian living in the north receives and possesses sense of citizen; sees self as a Nigerian first and a northerner second, the Boko Haram threat that ordered southerners to leave north would have been senseless and laughable. If every Nigerian living in the north receives and possesses sense of citizenship they would neither yield to tribally charged threats nor indulge in mass exodus to the south for safety. Our leaders have for long encourage these divisions among the citizenry because it is good politics of divide and conquer. I therefore call on the national assembly to seize the opportunity afforded by the ongoing constitutional amendment to address and redefine citizenship appropriately; citizenship that is base on residency and not on tribe, language, paternity or genome. Lagos state cannot try to have it both ways, by on one hand obtaining over 40 local government area authorities which translate to over 40 fold of federal allocations while on the other hand it is deporting the same population it used to obtain over fold federal to local government allocations. Fact is that Lagos is a Nigeria territory and is for every Nigerian if a Yorubas don’t like it he or she can do one of two things, make Lagos secede from the federation or shot up his or her shoo mouth and go to hell."
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